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Nowadays, for all home building materials shopping malls, the transformation and promotion of traditional door and window franchise companies has gradually become a professional trend. Under the catalysis and encouragement of the information age, the traditional door and window brand companies are facing the impact of e-commerce, and have gradually stepped into the road of transformation. Then how should door and window brands seize the transformation opportunities? Let's have a look with the window editor of guanhaomen

operate in good faith to create brands

in recent years, professional shopping malls for doors and windows have entered a relatively slow period, and the development speed of shopping malls has begun to stagnate. Door and window brand companies and franchised dealers lament the great pressure of livelihood. Under such circumstances, door and window brand companies should be more strict with self-discipline to ensure the quality and quality of door and window goods. In order to win the favor of consumers, the door and window brand company guarantees that the goods sold by itself are authentic and of high quality. After all, good door and window commodities can only be based on door and window brand shopping malls, and can be widely recognized and accepted by consumers

combination of online and offline

affected by the upstream real estate professional shopping malls, the door and window industry has been tepid in recent years. Especially in the field of traditional doors and windows, the news of the closure of small factories continues to spread, as if the transformation has now reached a fiery situation. The increasing number of door and window brands keep up with the Internet idea, coordinate the sales channels of traditional stores, develop some online channels, and then realize the joint development of online and offline

traditional companies use the information age

with the competition of door and window shopping malls becoming increasingly fierce, traditional door and window brand companies are trying their best to transform. The innovation of the Internet + era is not what it used to be, so the traditional door and window brand companies need to transform, from production, company management and informatization are the central keys to improve the company's competition. Door and window brands can understand the needs of shopping malls through big data and firmly grasp the needs of shopping malls in the information age

customized doors and windows or into the mainstream

almost all leading companies in the door and window building materials industry are making customized doors and windows. A single door and window category can no longer meet the needs of the diversified development of shopping malls, and only powerful companies can show their sharpness. Customized doors and windows have not only increased the company's share in shopping malls, but also become a mainstream transformation form carried out by traditional aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers




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