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On June 23, after a two-day business negotiation between Ruby wallcovering and Orio brand, the two sides finally signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Shaoxing Ruby wallcovering brand operation center

on June 23, after a two-day business negotiation between Ruby wallcovering and Oreo brand, the two sides finally signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Shaoxing Ruby wallcovering brand operation center. Ruby wallcovering, one of the top ten wallcovering brands, and Oreo, a leading brand in the Chinese wallpaper and wallcovering accessories industry, should reach a consensus and take the lead in reaching cooperation in the industry in response to the needs of today's market and their respective development. Ruby wallcovering and Orion glutinous rice glue, as two strong brands in the industry, have achieved strong alliances and become strategic partners, highlighting the new cooperative relationship of complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win results in the home decoration industry, between enterprises, and between brands

Ruby wall cloth is a brand under the jurisdiction of Zhejiang Shaoxing tsunami textile company. Ruby wall cloth is based in Shaoxing China Light Textile City, the hometown of textile. Tsunami textile is a production-oriented enterprise integrating industry and trade. It has been established for 8 years and has 3 production plants, including Tihua textile factory, bronzing factory and coating factory. Previously, it has been committed to the OEM production of wall coverings of other brands. Since the beginning of 2012, it has established the ruby brand and began to operate. Ruby products are backed by the strong strength of the company and have advanced equipment purchased from abroad; Have many years of rich experience in wall fabric production and processing

Ruby wallcovering company has strong strength, with a group of experienced and professional design teams, R & D teams, logistics support teams and professional sales teams, which can provide customers with perfect products and first-class services. The products have passed the inspection of the national construction materials quality supervision and testing center

on this strategic cooperation with Oreo, General manager Liu of ruby wallcovering said: "This time, ruby wallpaper signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Orio, a well-known brand of wallpaper accessories, to become a strategic partner, which has improved the market popularity of its own brand to a certain extent. The reason for cooperating with Orio is that Orio is an environmental protection enterprise with strong innovation ability, advanced equipment and technology, deep research and development accumulation, especially the launch of Orio's second-generation glutinous rice glue, which makes me stronger Set the cooperation with Orio. In the next cooperation, ruby wallcovering is willing to work with Oreo to create a truly perfect and environmentally friendly home for consumers with their respective advantages. "

president Liu also stressed that Oreo has considerable confidence in product quality. Ruby wallcovering has carried out strategic cooperation with PICC, the largest property insurance company in Asia and one of the world's top 500 enterprises. It has launched the industry's first green environmental protection insurance and product quality assurance insurance, and provided a ten-year free warranty, which has attracted wide attention. Oreo is also underwritten by Shidai international insurance worldwide. There is insurance for all product problems. The company helps everyone solve their worries. They are all reliable and good products

for the praise from the market and the support and affirmation of partners, Zhu Yueqing, general manager of Oreo, expressed his gratitude for this. President Zhu said, "this cooperation is a major event for both companies, and it is also a great news in the industry. We expect the" strong alliance "between Oreo and ruby to spark sparks and inject fresh vitality into the industry again. Oreo will also, as always, adhere to the concept of green and environmentally friendly color production and R & D, and solve the product demand of wallpaper accessories industry through the products of various brands of the company. At the same time, we will continue to improve people's awareness of environmental protection and quality of life at home, and guide the whole people to start a green and healthy life. "





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