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Modern simple style design is very popular with young people. Exquisite decoration, ingenious planning and layout create a loose and comfortable fashion home environment, which brings people a very comfortable feeling. Let's come to the design renderings of this group of small house decoration

decoration owner files:

decoration owner community: Guohai Xuedao decoration area: 89 square meters decoration house type: two bedroom and two hall decoration company: (decoration bidding) decoration style: modern simple decoration cost: 60000

warm color background wall laid a warm style in the living room, the decorative paintings with black borders filled the blank of the sofa background wall, and comic patterns added fun to life, The modern simple style design of the pure white fabric sofa shows the fashionable charm, which is the decorative highlight of this small family living room, and the exquisite and elegant hollowed out chandelier on the ceiling has become the biggest attraction of this decoration design effect picture

the solid wood dining table is matched with purple flannelette dining chairs and chandeliers with transparent lampshades. The simple decoration design makes this small family restaurant not only have the charm of modern fashion, but also have a simple and natural style. The dining table is decorated with white fragrant flowers, inadvertently creating a warm and elegant dining atmosphere, and the working area between the restaurant and the adjacent balcony is separated by a crystal hanging curtain, The crystal curtain is beautiful and dreamy, which adds color to the space and enhances the indoor decorative effect

the purple gauze curtain is soft in material and graceful in shape, which is the key element to create a sweet and romantic bedroom and has become the highlight of this small house decoration design effect drawing; Simple white ceiling hanging exquisite chandeliers further enhance the beauty of the space; The bedroom background wall is decorated with white patterns and light gray wallpaper, which breaks the monotony of the space. With wedding photos as decorations, the warm happiness pervades the space, which is really very warm

the white L-shaped desk in the figure is simple and fashionable, with good visual effect. It has two functions: storing books and placing computers. With a small area and simple decoration design, although the study space is compact, it is very comfortable. In addition, the corner space behind the desk is a special reading area. A comfortable single sofa in the limited space can make you feel endless pleasure

[introduction to Guohai Xuedao community]: the project is located on the southwest Bank of Nanhu Lake, sitting on Luoshi South Road and Nanhu Avenue, the two main trunk roads of Wuchang, with a total construction area of 300000 square meters. It is developed in three phases. The building form is mainly high-rise, and some commercial shops near the street are combined. The transportation of the project is convenient and fast. It takes 15 minutes to and from Wuchang central life circle. The completed Yezhi lake bridge can directly reach the Third Ring Road, Hanyang, optical valley and surrounding cities. The supporting facilities around the sea are complete, with multiple commercial supporting facilities and municipal supporting facilities, which are convenient for medical treatment. There are many colleges and universities around, from kindergartens to universities, and community residents can enjoy a complete education system at a close distance

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