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Every parent wants their children to have a comfortable space, which is conducive to their healthy growth. That is why every family will try to decorate the children's room perfectly. What kind of Feng Shui is there in decorating children's rooms

location of children's room

in China, children are called the sun at seven or eight o'clock in the morning. The room that can receive sunlight energy first at dawn is the most ideal children's room. Therefore, the children's room is preferred to be located in the east or southeast of the residence. Choosing these two directions can stimulate the healthy development of children and indicate that children are growing up day by day, lively and lovely, and growing steadily; The Western five elements of the house belong to gold, which will receive sunlight in the afternoon, and can also be used as a children's room, but this position is more suitable for children's sleep, which is not conducive to the game function of the children's room

editor's note: the East is the earthquake divination, representing the eldest male; In the southeast is the xugua, representing the eldest daughter. For boys or girls at home, you can choose different room positions in turn. The following beds can also be used as a reference

internal layout of children's room

children's room because of its special function, in terms of layout, in addition to avoiding the problems encountered in the adult bedroom, such as not placing under the beam under the bed, not leaning against the window at the head of the bed, etc., children's room should also be far away from the kitchen toilet to avoid the interference of oil smoke and pollution, and there should be no draught to make children easy to catch a cold. The children's room needs space, and the decoration should not be too complex, and the furniture should not be too large, so that the room has no sense of obstruction and cramped

children's room is a private space for children. In order to make children grow healthily, be independent and reduce dependence, a small table or small storage cabinet can be set in the room, so that they can organize their internal items freely and cultivate their hands-on ability. Writers should not intervene, but remember to use round furniture as much as possible, avoid using glass products, avoid sharp corners and reduce the risk of collision. And teach them to pack up toys and other items by themselves after playing, and cultivate the habit of starting and ending

basic function of children's room

the most important function of children's room is to satisfy children to have a free and safe small world. Children study, play and sleep in their own small world. When choosing and decorating rooms for their children, parents must fully consider the requirements of these unique functions of children's rooms in Feng Shui layout. In particular, with the help of decoration skills, through color, lighting, furniture, windows and ornaments, seek the support of all kinds of energy, so that children can make progress when they study, be imaginative when they play, be naive and lively, and be quiet, peaceful, comfortable and soft when they sleep

when children grow up to a certain age, they need to be relatively independent and don't like to be disturbed, that is to say, the children's room needs to have plenty of privacy. At the same time, parents can't completely let their children go. On the basis of respecting their children's privacy, they should take care of the children's room as quietly as possible

floor of children's room

natural wood floor is the best floor of children's room, because it is safe and easy to clean. Avoid paving with stones, consider the impact of radioactive materials contained in stones that have not passed the certification, and do not place carpets. Although carpets are safe and are not afraid of children falling, they are easy to adhere to too much dust, and long-term use will cause children to suffer from bronchitis and respiratory diseases

the color of children's room

the color inside the children's room also has a very important impact on children's mentality. First, the color should be light and elegant. Don't use too dazzling bright red and purple to avoid stimulating children. Don't use black and pure white, and use light blue as the base to decorate some grass green, bright yellow and pink colors, which can achieve a harmonious effect

pictures are usually hung in children's rooms. Pictures have a great impact on children's growth. First of all, the pictures on the walls should be mainly natural and positive content. It is not suitable to hang pictures of armored soldiers, stars with heavy makeup, gods, etc. Because it is easy for children to be influenced when they are young, and their character is easy to change too early, which is not conducive to their natural growth

beds in children's room

the placement of children's beds is very important. In addition to referring to the taboos related to adult rooms, there are other precautions for the location of children's beds:

if a child is the only child in the family, the beds of children's beds should be placed in the same direction as their parents' beds, which will help parents and children feel harmonious. If there are two or more children sharing a room at home, putting their beds in the same direction will also help reduce friction and contradictions between them

it is better for the head of the children's bed to face the East and Southeast. Because the East and Southeast five elements belong to wood, which is conducive to growth and is very beneficial to the height and health of children. However, if children have difficulty sleeping at night, they can choose the calmer West and North. And the bed head facing the South will lead to children's irritability, the Northeast will lead to children's carelessness, the southwest will lead to children's timidity, and the northwest will lead to children's premature, so it is best to choose carefully, because these positions are not conducive to children's growth

lighting of children's room

it is best to use soft wall lamps to replace cabinet lamps or floor lamps in the lighting of children's room, which is not only warm and considerate, but also can prevent children from dragging wires and touching plugs when playing, causing danger

if children are afraid of the dark and can't sleep, or it's dark and restrained, putting a small candle lamp high in the children's room will help to improve the problem of fear of the dark

other precautions for children's room

1 Adult beds should not be allowed to replace children's beds. There is not only the stress of growing up and growing up in Feng Shui, but also to prevent children from lying down when sleeping and causing danger

2 The door of the children's room should be kept closed at night, and the windows should be covered with curtains, which should be rolled up during the day, so that the fresh air and sunshine outside the windows are unobstructed; At night, the curtain will be pulled up, which will help block the influence of external sound, light and electricity, and make it easy for children to fall asleep

3. In order to reduce the risk of electronic radiation and electricity, it is best not to put televisions, video recorders, computers and other electrical appliances in children's bedrooms

4. Don't put mirrors and hang too many wind chimes in the children's room to avoid nervous decline caused by easy distraction

5. Children's toys should be mainly piano, car, Jilin and other toys that are conducive to enlightening intelligence, while dolls, animal toys and other toys should not be closed or locked under any circumstances, so as to avoid children's physical and mental ill tendencies from childhood. Wood is the most ideal material for toys (unless your child avoids wood in five elements), because wood is conducive to the growth of children, and it is natural, strong and durable





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