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How to go about the career transformation of doors and windows

in the future, the hardbound real estate must be a trend. There are tax driven, cash flow driven, supporting value-added driven, sale driven, interest driven and other factors of real estate enterprises. Real estate enterprises will vigorously combine the low-end industrial chain. In the future, cross-border integration must be a trend. The way of import is changing, and it may become a combiner no matter how it is imported. In the future, before the modularization of home decoration is realized, customized doors and windows must also be a trend, and there must be infinite surplus space to realize personalization

change is inevitable. This is an era of innovation. As a traditional door and window industry, it is either gathering upstream to seize the flow import, or gathering downward to expand the industrial chain. How to surround the door and window company? There are the following four propositions: first, planning services, providing door-to-door measuring scales, program planning and renderings to consumers; Second, from business to business, where customers are, shopping malls are there; Third, different industry alliances, planners, decoration companies, building materials merchants, customization companies, etc. should become cooperative partners; Fourth, e-commerce, online drainage, offline transactions

although we have heard many views, few can really be achieved, because those who have always followed and led the trend of the times must be the leaders. In the future, the door and window industry must be a multi-channel mall, where there is competition and cooperation. We are both rivals, but we should become teammates, because innovation has never been the word of one family, and we need to pay for it all together




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