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China Mobile starts broadband in Anhui p

recently, it was learned that China Mobile Anhui will take the lead in launching the broadband p-boss system construction project

with the restructuring of telecommunications, the three major operators are operating full-service, and China Mobile is also facing the problem of fixed and broadband operation. At present, China Mobile has begun to transform the boss system supporting broadband services, that is, the broadband p-boss system called by China Mobile

p-boss can integrate multi-party network resources

it is understood that Anhui Mobile is the province where China Mobile Group first started the construction of broadband p-boss system. With the completion of telecom restructuring and the issuance of 3G licenses, the three major operators in the domestic communication industry have acquired the qualifications for full-service operation of fixed line, broadband and mobile communications, and the communication industry has entered a fierce full-service competition. Full service operation, fixed/mobile network integration development, service integration and service integration have become the development direction of various operators, creating a perfect balance between stiffness and toughness

Anhui Mobile has inherent advantages in the development of mobile services, but fixed and broadband services belong to new areas, and broadband services have become the focus and focus of Anhui Mobile's development. Broadband service is an Internet access service launched by Anhui Mobile under the full-service operation environment, based on the existing 2g/3g mobile services, according to Zhang Shenglin. Users can access the Internet at high speed through optical fiber access or cab lemodem when the stress exceeds the elastic limit. Huaibei City has made efforts to promote the development of ceramic aluminum new material industry. At present, the broadband products that Anhui Mobile can sell mainly come from self built broadband resources, Tietong broadband resources, radio and television and other third-party partner resources

in order to ensure the sustainable development of Anhui Mobile in the fierce market competition, adapt to flexible and effective market strategy changes, promote the development of the whole business, effectively integrate the broadband resources of self built, Tietong and radio and television, and provide customers with rapid opening, reliable guarantee and improved customer experience, Anhui Mobile has started the construction of the system

it is reported that after in-depth discussion and exchange with domestic mainstream operation support system providers, Anhui Mobile finally chose ZTE soft innovation as the broadband p-boss system contractor after comprehensive and careful consideration in terms of product satisfaction, product maturity, project implementation ability, after-sales service level, successful cases, etc

p-boss system improves four capabilities

it is reported that China Mobile Anhui Branch will improve its capabilities in four aspects through the construction of broadband p-boss system

first, improve the end-to-end opening capacity of Anhui Mobile for broadband services (including services for home customers and group customers). Realize the requirements of quickly establishing the service opening process; Realize the SLA requirements of customers in service opening and realize differentiated services; Realize the requirements for scheduling the opening process of various complex services; Realize the requirements of standardizing the construction criteria and guiding the construction through it means during the construction process

second, improve Anhui Mobile's ability to manage broadband physical resources and logical resources. Realize the requirements for centralized and comprehensive management of the self built broadband resources of Anhui Mobile and the resources provided by broadband partners; Requirements for rapid resource allocation; Realize the requirements of resource lifecycle management. It can shorten the requirements of front-end business departments and back-end support departments for understanding resources, and encapsulate physical resources and logical resources into business resources that can be understood by front-end business departments

third, improve Anhui Mobile's end-to-end service support capability for broadband services. Requirements for realizing the dispatching of fault reporting process; Realize rapid response and handling customer complaints, and improve customer satisfaction requirements; Realize the SLA requirements of customers in terms of service assurance and realize differentiated services

fourth, improve Anhui Mobile's ability to schedule construction tasks. Realize the requirements of rapid response to front-end business; Realize the requirements for unified management and scheduling of construction personnel of Anhui Mobile and construction partners; Realize the requirements of detailed management, optimize the allocation relationship between construction tasks and personnel through intelligent means and tools, improve production efficiency and reduce enterprise operation costs. Communication world ()

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