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On February 3, China Mobile Research Institute reported on the td

cti Forum (the output value of CTI's new material industry exceeded 100 billion yuan): China Mobile, the world's largest mobile operator, and its R & D institution, China Mobile Research Institute (CMRI), signed a memorandum of cooperation with anite for R & D, aiming to promote the global promotion and deployment of TD-LTE technology

the quality assurance of the terminal is very important for the operator's commercial network. CMRI and Annette jointly develop the protocol consistency and interoperability of the terminal. If the transfer switch is turned to the "fast back" position, test the specification and test system to ensure the quality of TD-LTE terminal and promote the development of the terminal

at this stage, TD-LTE and LTE FDD are developing synchronously to meet the increasing demand of mobile broadband users. TD-LTE has been supported by many mobile network operators in Asia Pacific, America and Europe for some time. With the upcoming network deployment and the full support from major companies in the mobile communication industry, TD-LTE is expected to occupy an important share in the long-term evolution technology market. Major international mobile network operators launched the TD-LTE global development initiative in february2011. Today, 33 TD-LTE trial networks have been launched worldwide

Mike Bonin, managing director of anite's handheld device testing business, said: "Annette is very happy to cooperate with China Mobile and will fully support China Mobile's TD-LTE development. As a leading device testing solution provider, Annette realized the great potential of TD-LTE in early 2009 and has been leading in the TD-LTE protocol conformance testing since then." CTI Forum Report

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