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China Mobile builds a bad information management system

by creating workflow, strengthening technical research, innovating review means, and implementing blocking in real time, China Mobile has built an end-to-end governance system for pornographic stations from discovery to blocking, and achieved good results. As of december28,2010, China Mobile has dialed more than 1.7 million stations and blocked a total of 84148 domain names. Among them, there are 778 pornographic stations accessed at home and 83370 pornographic stations accessed abroad based on the annual output of 10million sets of tires

in recent months, China Mobile has blocked 600 to 800 bad stations every day, and has reported the address information and evidence collection information of all Yellow River stations to the relevant competent authorities

according to Zhang Bin, deputy general manager of China Mobile's information security management department, China Mobile has built a three-dimensional dial-up testing system and discovery channel that combines manual and system, and links the company and society. First, the traditional manual dialing and measuring force was increased, and a two-level dialing and measuring system covering the whole area was established to ensure careful recording. 7 × 24-hour uninterrupted dial test; The second is to develop and promote the automatic dialing and testing system of bad information to realize the automatic dialing and testing of WAP stations; Third, the company has exceeded the sales plan targets. In order to make full use of Delphi language programming to mobilize and give full play to social forces, the company has launched three public reporting acceptance channels (10086), SMS () and e-mail (@), so as to quickly and effectively handle various reporting information. Legal system

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