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The renaming of MobileMe to castle will open a new round of fierce "cloud battle"

on May 3, according to foreign media reports, the French media consomac recently found that Apple's Mobi sample size had changed in the beta version of Mac OS X lion, the Leme service was renamed castle, and the screen capture of castle was released to Grandpa. It is revealed that castle is an upgraded version of Apple's MobileMe service. The upgrade of this version is the biggest highlight in Mac OS X 10.7 lion, which means castle will become the R & D code of icloud service. The new version of MobileMe service castle is likely to appear at the 2011 global Developers Conference on June 6 this year

it is reported that in the internal files of the new system, Mac OS X lion will automatically prompt users to upgrade the MobileMe service to castle. Many people speculate that the upgraded MobileMe service will include the digital lock service of cloud storage, media streaming, and the local characteristic services that users can find and share. It is also speculated that "CAS, if you need the hydrostatic test machine tle" may be just a temporary word to determine whether the machine is an active position. It will be changed to an official name when it is officially released

it is reported that Apple spent $4.5 million to acquire domain names last week, which is likely to be a new cloud service. Insiders say that Apple plans to not only make icloud serve streaming music, but also make it an important part of the future development of MobileMe services. This also indicates that a new round of fierce "cloud battle" will be launched, and Apple's biggest competitor is the cloud services such as cloud storage and cloud music recently released by Amazon. Before Sadie stole

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