The world's first 10000 ton nano calcium carbonate

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The world's first 10000 ton nano calcium carbonate line was put into operation

the world's first 10000 ton nano calcium carbonate line was put into operation

January 7, 2002

on the occasion of China's accession to the WTO, the industrialization of the achievements of the national high tech 863 program host size: 740 × five hundred × The 2400mm project and the world's first 10000 ton super

gravity synthesis nano calcium carbonate production line were recently completed and put into operation in Ruicheng, Shanxi

the project adopts the high gravity method nano powder industrialized preparation technology developed by the National High Gravity Engineering Technology Research Center of Beijing University of chemical technology and with the international leading level. It is the world's first 10000 ton high gravity method synthesis nano

calcium carbonate production line. Its average particle size can be adjusted and the range can be controlled between 15 ~ 30 nm. The technology uses the super gravity ring generated by rotation

which is much higher than the earth's gravity acceleration. In phase 1, 100000 tons of plate corundum, 100000 tons of fine molecular sieve, 600000 tons of environmental friendly adsorption new materials ★ 5) the maximum uniaxial tensile or compressive static load: not less than ± 100kN; The three projects have entered the final stage, effectively controlling the chemical reaction

and crystallization process on the molecular scale, so as to obtain high-quality nano powder products with small size and uniform distribution. Nano active calcium carbonate particles have small diameter, high activity and strong functionality. It is a new type of nano material. Its performance is much better than that of ordinary light calcium carbonate. It can be widely used in plastics, rubber, coatings, papermaking, paint, ink and other industries

Shanxi Ruicheng Huaxin nano materials Co., Ltd. is a high-tech cooperative enterprise jointly established by Ruicheng County nano calcium carbonate factory and Singapore Nano Materials Technology Co., Ltd. the nano calcium carbonate products produced meet the relevant standards of the national chemical industry, with an average particle size of less than 40 nm, and a whiteness greater than or equal to 90

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