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China Mobile and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank signed a cooperative mobile payment product, which was released in 2011. One month after China Mobile () completed its shareholding in Shanghai Pudong Development Bank (), the cooperation finally fell from the desktop file to the specific action

yesterday, the two sides announced the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides will carry out a series of cooperation in the payment field, including on-site payment and remote payment, and will jointly develop and promote financial software and payment security solutions that provide a variety of financial service functions

on March 10 this year, China Mobile announced that it would purchase more than 2.2 billion new shares of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank with 39.801 billion yuan. After the transaction was completed, China Mobile held 20% of the shares of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank through its subsidiary Guangdong Mobile, becoming the second largest shareholder of the latter. On October 15, the equity delivery was officially completed

it is understood that China Mobile and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank will jointly develop and promote wallets, financial software, payment security solutions, etc. for users, and cooperate or discuss multiple payment applications such as public utilities payment, recharge settlement, remittance, etc. In terms of remittance business, this business can give full play to the advantages of mobile communication services covering the vast rural areas and improve the breadth and depth of personal financial services. In addition, the cooperation also includes that the customers of both sides have a very important matter for the installation of the pressure testing machine and share the channel resources

according to the mobile Internet market data of the third quarter of 2010 released by iResearch consulting, in the third quarter of this year, the overall scale of China's mobile Internet market by adding the suggested formula reached 4.25 billion, an increase of 3.9% year-on-year, especially the proportion of e-commerce increased by 5.1% compared with the previous quarter. IResearch consulting predicts that e-commerce will continue to maintain a steady growth. During the experiment, it should slowly apply the corresponding load step growth trend at a fixed speed from 2015 to 2016, and become an important force to promote the development of the mobile Internet market

"in our vision of the future, we can not only go shopping in shopping malls, swipe cards on buses and subways, but also withdraw money directly from ATMs." Xuejianhua, general manager of the e-channel Department of the personal banking headquarters of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, told this newspaper that this involves the transformation of ATM machines as well as the transformation of, which requires joint cooperation between the two sides

more importantly, the two sides also hope to launch more innovative products. For example, the current payment can only be made in small amounts. The cooperation that the two sides are exploring includes large-scale payment

according to xuejianhua, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank has accumulated some bank users, but the scale is not large. It plans to establish a new Department - "mobile finance department", and China Mobile also sends personnel to assist

"however, the biggest problem with mobile payment is that there is no unified standard in the whole industry. It is estimated that the national industry standard will be issued soon." Xuejianhua said that after the introduction of the standards, the two sides plan to officially launch the first cooperative product in mid-2011. First finance

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