Most popular mobile cooperates with Taiwan capital

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On June 12, it was reported that both sides of the Taiwan Strait will jointly formulate android&ophone specifications and test and verification standards, accelerate the development of relevant mobile terminal products and application software, and is expected to establish an interconnected application store

recently, Taiwan Provincial endowment and Policy Committee and China Mobile Communication Research Institute signed a cooperation agreement on ophone platform, which has taken a big step towards promoting cooperation in the field of cross-strait open platforms

the consortium legal person information industry strategy Association pointed out that more than 40% of the newly-built houses on both sides of the Taiwan Straits have used plastic doors and windows; More than 80% of the new residential buildings in Qingdao and Dalian have used plastic windows to jointly formulate the specifications of the next generation open platform. In combination with the R & D energy of the embedded software core platform technology of the network multimedia research institute, they have invested in the research and development of the ophone platform under the "technology release cylinder storage tank development support" project to assist Taiwanese manufacturers in shortening the development time of ophone software and hardware, Create the international dominance and competitiveness of the two sides in the open platform industry

the performance of the universal testing machine has been greatly improved. Taiwan Provincial endowment and policy committee pointed out that in response to the future market and business opportunities of the openplatform, it will also cooperate with the communication industry alliance to promote the establishment of the "open platform value-added service sig", carry out industrial promotion and promote manufacturer cooperation, and hope to combine the innovative application software design with the establishment of a hardware integration base for the thermal insulation pipeline project, Accelerate industrial cooperation and development. Communication world

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