Most popular mobile launched information housekeep

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China Mobile has launched the "information steward" service to screen junk messages autonomously. The electronic experimental machine with a capacity of less than 30t has more advantages. The number of short messages sent in China has increased geometrically every year, and this approach has also been targeted by individual criminals. 1 Method 1: harass, promote or even defraud, underworld related and other illegal information. The Jinan testing machine is not guaranteed in quality, but it interferes with people's normal life and also brings economic losses to some customers. At present, spam messages have gradually formed a complete industrial chain, which makes the governance complex and difficult, and has become the common goal of the whole society

since it is difficult to query the source of spam messages, can we take precautions from the receiving terminal? In response to this November 29 issue, China Mobile has launched the service initiative of "independent screening of spam messages" since 2009, which is called "information steward". China Mobile's customers can use the spam message interception function of the information steward service for free, and can report the received spam messages to China Mobile's spam message reporting platform "with one click"

it is understood that customers can easily download the "information manager" software by logging into the Beijing company station or mobile dream, use the spam message interception function for free, and report the received spam messages to the China Mobile Beijing company spam message reporting platform with one click. Beijing Morning Post

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