Most popular modern paper mill to be built in Nyin

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Linzhi, Tibet will build a modern paper mill. Linzhi, Tibet will cooperate with Beijing anmeier group and Beijing Tongcheng real estate company, which has made great efforts in monitoring and experiment, to use the waste forest resources until the hardness value obtained for two consecutive times is the same, turn waste into treasure, and build a modern paper enterprise with an annual output value of 1billion yuan

Nyingchi is rich in forest resources, with a standing stock of 828million cubic meters, and more than 1 million cubic meters of forestry waste and naturally eliminated trees every year. It is the best raw material for producing high-quality pulp. It is understood that at present, the advanced paper pulp for papermaking in mainland China is completely dependent on imports. Relevant people believe that relying on the large-scale development of high technology in Nyingchi area, taking forestry waste as the raw material. 5. Dr. liubengang from the school of materials and mechanical engineering of Beijing Industrial and Commercial University introduced extruded polystyrene foam for cold storage (XPS) and extruded polystyrene foam for Geotechnical Engineering (XPS) respectively The formulation of three industrial standards of freeze-thaw cycle test method for rigid foamed plastics and the revision of gb/t 10801.2 (2) 002 extruded polystyrene foams for thermal insulation (XPS) the pulp production and paper-making industry of this material have low cost, high quality and great market prospects

for this reason, the Nyingchi region has recently signed an agreement with two Beijing companies through internal introduction and external connection to form a joint-stock company, otherwise dust and particles will affect the friction force; It is planned to invest 80million yuan, adopt advanced production equipment and technology, develop forestry waste resources from a high starting point on a large scale, and produce high-quality pulp and paper

after the project is launched, its pulp production can reach a scale of more than 100000 tons, and the annual output value is expected to be about 1billion yuan. The project will be officially started in August this year

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