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According to the news on February 8, the general test passing rate of mobile mm was 43.77%, and the basic functions accounted for 40.24%

, The basic function problems accounted for 40.24%, and the second reason was that they did not meet the MM audit requirements

compared with the application, the overall passing rate of the theme is 74.85%, and the overall passing rate of the formal test of the theme is 85.49%. The main reasons for failing the test are the problems of the test documents, copyright, portrait rights and display drawings. The mobile developer community requires developers to pay attention to copyright issues in the selection of theme materials to improve the environmental protection level and competitiveness of enterprises, which are mainly used to compare the hardness and softness of different minerals

in January, the overall passing rate of the formal test was 43.77%, and the basic function problems accounted for 40.24%. It is mainly due to errors in the running times, insufficient self-test by the developers, and problems in the server and network of the application, such as 404 error in the access station, error returned by the server, etc

the mobile developer community suggests that developers carefully read and abide by the application release specification. At present, most rejected applications have defects in their own functions. It is recommended that developers conduct a comprehensive system test before submitting to ensure the integrity of the functions as far as possible. The developer shall carefully check the application submitted to avoid screenshot errors and inconsistency between the declared ability and the application. Flying Elephant

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