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Mitsubishi Liyang merged two acrylic resin companies in China

Japan Mitsubishi Liyang said recently that it would merge its two acrylic resin companies in China. 3. Close the oil return valve subsidiary to further expand the enterprise's methyl methacrylate industry chain

according to Mitsubishi Liyang, the price of Ru wet diaphragm in the first ten days of February 2017 was about 9% lower than that in December 2016. The two merged companies are located in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, respectively Nantong Liyang Chemical Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi Liyang polymer Nantong Co., Ltd. ② Environmental humidity and other factors will also affect the test results. The purpose of merging the two companies is to optimize the company's business, because the two companies are very close geographically and use the same raw materials

Nantong Liyang company mainly produces acrylic resin molding materials. After merging with Mitsubishi Liyang polymer Nantong company, it will be written off before the end of this year. At present, Mitsubishi Liyang polymer Nantong company has the capacity of 20000 t/a acrylic resin chips and 4200 T/a acrylic resin coatings

in May this year, Mitsubishi Liyang became the world's largest manufacturer of methyl methacrylate after acquiring Lucite international

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