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Hunan experience of flash flood prevention: Inspur storage opened the highway of early warning information

in 2000 and 2010, the number of deaths and missing people in Hunan caused by flash floods every year reached 113! In 2011 and 2014, this number rapidly decreased to 35. Behind this huge change is the full attention and vigorous promotion of flood warning by Hunan Provincial Flood Control Office. In order to further strengthen the construction of mountain flood disaster prevention platform, Hunan Flood Control Office joined hands with Inspur to carry out the construction of a new model of large platform + micro application flood control informatization by using big data, cloud computing and other technologies

how to get through the last kilometer of early warning information

mountain torrents are the main disasters that cause casualties and economic losses in China's current natural disasters. The key prevention and control areas cover an area of 1.1 million square kilometers and affect a population of 150million. In particular, Hunan Province has many mountainous areas and frequent rainfall, which has always been the key area for the prevention and control of mountain torrents. How to reduce the threat of mountain torrents, reduce the primary and secondary losses caused by disasters, and protect the safety of people's lives and property has become a huge stone that Hunan Flood Control Office urgently needs to remove

after analyzing the generation and evolution process of mountain torrents, Hunan Provincial Flood Control Office found that the most direct and effective way to quickly reduce the disasters caused by mountain torrents is to carry out rapid warning, that is, when the mountain torrents have not yet erupted, quickly notify the residents of the affected areas to transfer, and many losses can be avoided

however, in the process of building an early warning platform, the problem of the last mile of early warning information dissemination has not been solved for a long time. In other words, although the flood control office has been able to obtain key information such as real-time precipitation through weather forecasts, it cannot grasp the specific situation of each county and township. Moreover, even if the flood control office has issued flash flood warning information, it is difficult for each resident in the disaster area to get the information quickly and effectively, let alone take corresponding preventive measures

to this end, Hunan Province has launched the construction of a new model of large platform + micro application flood control informatization. The project integrates the 110 county-level mountain flood disaster monitoring and early warning platforms in the province to the Provincial Center for centralized deployment, forming a flood control cloud platform in Hunan Province Based on the backbone of the province's water conservancy. Through the construction of a unified platform, the existing platforms in each county can be effectively and stably seamlessly linked, eliminating information islands, and comprehensively real-time The sharing of historical and basic data solves the problem of single data (only real-time rain and water conditions and some early warning information) of the existing provincial mountain torrent disaster platform, and at the same time, strengthens the management level of the provincial prevention and control system, as well as the experimental machine control software and the corresponding board and card office on the application supervision and operation status of the platform in each county

with the unified and integrated flood control cloud platform, Hunan Province can timely collect and statistically analyze the weather trend, rain and water conditions and other information of counties, townships and towns, improve the efficiency of information sharing, transmission and processing, realize the real-time monitoring of flood conditions in various regions, and enable the meteorological departments and people in various regions to get early warning of bad weather

as18000 helps Hunan Flood Control Office get through the highway of early warning information

since the early warning information of mountain torrents is directly related to the safety of people's lives and property, data storage must not be lost, which puts forward high requirements for the reliability and stability of the storage system. Especially after the completion of the large platform + micro application flood control information platform, a large amount of data is generated every day. Ensuring that these data can be processed in time will become a hard demand, which makes the performance and scalability of the storage system face great challenges

therefore, Hunan Flood Control Office hopes to use familiar and more reliable company products. Due to the cooperation with Inspur in server, storage and other equipment in the early stage, it has established a good relationship, and Inspur can respond in time to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment. Therefore, the flood control office of Hunan Province has conducted in-depth communication with the current problems of Inspur

the original business application has always been a chimney type single system independent construction mode. The utilization rate of resources is low to prevent failure. It does not reach the saturation state, and the utilization rate of some equipment is only 5%-8%. However, the area of computer room, supporting facilities and power consumption have increased by geometric multiples, resulting in the waste of information resources. In order to solve these problems, we must first help users eliminate data islands, realize resource reuse, data disaster recovery, etc., so as to promote the depth and breadth of water conservancy informatization and further improve the core combat effectiveness of water conservancy organs

Hunan Flood Control Office joined hands with Inspur, taking Inspur as18000 as the main storage of flood control information platform, carrying historical water and rain data, two-dimensional electronic map data (including engineering data), video monitoring data of some large reservoirs, and building a storage foundation for the second phase of the data center of the flood control office

7 9 reliability enables early warning to be delivered at any time: when building the storage system, the requirement of Hunan Flood Control Office for system reliability is 99.999%, so as to ensure that early warning information can be disseminated in a timely manner. As18000 obviously overfulfilled this goal. Through the application of innovative technologies such as imatrix fully shared switching architecture, it achieved the reliability of seven nines. With Inspur dp2000 data disaster recovery system, it can ensure that when a disaster is imminent, the transmission of early warning information will not fall off the chain due to the storage system

the high-speed IOPs makes the road of early warning no longer congested: the rainfall in Hunan Province often climbs to a peak every year during the flood season, and the hidden dangers of mountain torrents continue everywhere. Especially after the linkage of early warning information of various counties and cities, a large number of generated data are easy to cause congestion on the expressway of the early warning platform. The practice results of Inspur show that as18000 has high-speed read-write performance and low latency, which can fully meet the business needs of the early warning platform, complete the data collection of the early warning response function, and is easy to manage

expansibility meets the demand for five-year data growth: due to the particularity of zero adjustment in flood control, historical data is of great significance for the accuracy of flash flood warning. In order to store the constantly generated massive data, as18000 can meet the five-year data growth needs of the platform in the future, such as water and rain monitoring, video image monitoring, early warning facilities, office applications, etc. through the high scalability of 16 controllers, 24tb cache and 30pb capacity

the outbreak of mountain torrents is a protracted war: with the help of innovative technologies such as cloud computing and big data, Hunan Flood Control Office has successfully reduced the number of victims and economic losses to a new low in history. But this is far from over. There is obviously a long way to go to achieve the high-speed and unimpeded dissemination of early warning information and the firm and effective implementation of disaster avoidance actions. Fortunately, with the help of Inspur and other IT product and service providers, flash flood warning is making greater and greater progress

the head of it of Hunan Flood Control Office said: the construction of flood control cloud platform + micro application in our province adopts the current advanced information technology to integrate the mountain flood disaster prevention and control data, build a two-way synchronous system, develop a unified platform at the county level, supplement and improve the infrastructure and related operation management. Among them, the stability and high performance of Inspur as18000 have laid a firm foundation for the efficient application of the early warning platform. Since it was put into operation, the transmission speed and efficiency of flood control early warning information in our province have increased significantly, resulting in excellent economic and social benefits

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