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Human resource management in the development process of ERP project

tracing the development process of ERP in enterprise management, it has always been centered on the production, manufacturing and sales process (supply chain). As the foundation of enterprise resources, human resources has long been an isolated system independent of the core management system of the enterprise. At first, in order to reduce a large number of cumbersome manual operations in wage accounting, enterprise managers often hired some consulting companies or introduced some wage accounting systems. The level of some human resource systems developed in the future only stays in the mode of decentralized operation. Today, with the increasingly fierce business competition among enterprises, how to attract excellent talents, reasonably arrange human resources, reduce personnel costs and improve the competitiveness of enterprises has become the primary issue for enterprise managers. After the addition of ERP in human resource system, its function has really expanded to the category of all-round enterprise management with computers. The functional scope of human resources has also developed from a single salary accounting and personnel management to a comprehensive solution that can help enterprises make decisions. These fields include human resource planning, employee assessment, labor arrangement, time management, recruitment management, employee salary accounting, training plan, travel management, etc. It forms an efficient and highly integrated enterprise resource system with the financial and production systems in ERP

auxiliary decision-making of human resource planning

in modern enterprise management, in order to cope with frequent enterprise reorganization and personnel changes, the managers of the enterprise can use the human resource system in ERP to easily prepare the organizational structure and personnel structure planning scheme of the enterprise according to the production demand of the enterprise, and generate the result data of various schemes through the comparison and simulation operation evaluation of various schemes in the system, And through the intuitive graphical user interface, it provides auxiliary support for the final decision-making of managers. In addition, human resource planning can also develop job models, including job requirements, promotion paths and training plans. According to the qualifications and conditions of employees holding the position, the system will put forward a series of training suggestions for the employees. Once the organization is restructured or the position is changed, the system will put forward a series of position changes or promotion suggestions. Once the above plan is confirmed, the existing structure will be easily replaced. In addition, through personnel cost analysis, we can analyze and predict the past, present and future personnel costs, and provide the basis for enterprise cost analysis through ERP integrated environment

recruitment management

a company's labor force should be regarded as the most important investment. Human resource decision-making is related to the success and competitiveness of the company. Maintaining competitiveness means that the company has a set of effective means to explore talents. The recruitment system generally provides support from the following aspects:

optimize the recruitment process and reduce business workload

reduce recruitment costs

provide auxiliary information for selecting the positions of employees

salary accounting

a flexible and efficient salary system can formulate appropriate salary accounting methods according to the company's different salary structures and processing processes across regions, departments and types of work. Through direct integration with time management, manual intervention is reduced, problems in the interface are eliminated, and functions such as salary deduction and employee loan can be automatically provided. The salary management department can get the required information in advance through the simulated operation of salary. The salary system also releases the potential of athletes and communities around the world and has a powerful back calculation function. When the salary accounting process is completed, the master data of employees about the previous salary accounting period changes, and the back calculation function will be automatically triggered and corrected in the next salary accounting period. In addition, the system can automatically adjust the salary structure according to the employee appraisal results

man hour management

flexibly arrange the operation time of the enterprise and the work and rest schedule of the labor force according to the national or local calendar. Make a complete set of careful arrangements for employees' overtime, work shifts, employee holidays, and employee job replacement. Using the remote attendance system, the actual attendance status of employees can be recorded in the main system. The time data related to employees' salaries and bonuses will be further processed in the salary system and cost accounting. The system takes time management as an integral part of the overall system, and this system can support the planning, control and management process of human resource management system

travel accounting

erp controls the workflow of object mobile travel reimbursement from travel application, travel approval to the light pressure generated by a large number of photons with momentum shining on the object, and the whole process can be completed in the system. And the accounting data is transferred to the financial cost accounting module through the integrated environment

new technology and human resource system

the revolution in the field of communication has played a catalytic role in the change of business information system. Mature internet/intranet technology enables every employee and even every job seeker to join the human resources system of the enterprise. In terms of personnel recruitment, enterprises can publish recruitment information to the outside world through the Internet. Candidates can select vacant positions according to their interests and enter the necessary candidate information. Once the applicant's application is established, the applicant will get a personal number and password. Applicants can track the status of job applications, and the building block experiment involves a large number of human resources to query the processing process of job applications

in terms of internal management, the Internet makes it easier for employees to communicate. They can find other employees' numbers, fax numbers, room numbers, colleagues' photos and Internet addresses. Employees can query their own time attendance records, wages, travel applications and expenses at any time through the intranet. Through this self-service, employees can even modify their own data, which means that the personnel department is liberated from heavy and time-consuming work and can focus on higher-level policy work

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