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New artifact of measurement: Hunan measurement center developed an electric energy measurement and diagnosis analyzer

it was learned on December 19 that an expert group led by Professor tengzhaosheng of Hunan University identified the on-site electric energy measurement and diagnosis analyzer developed by Hunan measurement center, and the identification result was the leading level in China, following the "household inspection instrument", The scientific research team of the center created another "artifact" of quantitative diagnosis that the panel industry is still an emerging industry in China

in recent years, the construction of low-voltage centralized reading has been continuously promoted, and the collection of power consumption information has been moving towards the basic realization of full coverage. Remote collection has increased the pressure of measurement fault diagnosis and troubleshooting on the site. The professional quality of the on-site operation and maintenance staff of measurement and acquisition in the county companies and power supply stations is uneven, and it is difficult to be competent for the complex and cumbersome measurement fault diagnosis, analysis and troubleshooting work in the station area only by experience. In order to effectively solve this problem and adhere to the problem oriented principle, the scientific researchers of the measurement center have developed this station area measurement and diagnosis analyzer, which integrates the rapid detection of crosstalk sources, the rapid positioning of 8 kinds of color barrier meters, and the on-site analysis of station area line loss. At the appraisal meeting, the expert group pointed out that the equipment is technologically advanced, easy to use, and practical, which can effectively improve the work efficiency of on-site measurement troubleshooting personnel. It is bound to become the mainstream of the development of instrument technology and industry in the future, reducing labor intensity, and is worthy of promotion and application

it is understood that the equipment has received the financial support for the promotion of innovative achievements of employees of Hunan company, and it is planned to promote and apply 14 sets in the province in advance, 3 Enterprises mainly engaged in the production of color printing cartons have applied for and published 1 invention patent, 1 utility model patent, 1 software copyright application, and published 1 paper in a Chinese core journal

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