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IK multimedia 2016 US CES new product launch

CES, the annual global consumer electronics exhibition, is about to meet you in Las Vegas. IK multimedia also brings you two new products. On January, 2016, you can visit our booth at CES to understand the full range of IK mobile music products

iklip a/v, the first podcast handle for professional audio and video recording. As a pioneer in the industry, this system gives professional podcasts and photographers the ability to capture and monitor professional audio, so that you can record anytime and anywhere through high-quality XLR microphone and phantom power supply and built-in wireless receiver support. It also makes your shooting more stable through a bracket and a hand-held handle. Designed for mobile podcast photographers, iklip a/v enables everyone to use it for full-featured creation

excellent audio

designed in Italy, combined with the experience of many professional outdoor and podcasts, it is very suitable for outdoor reporting. The design of iklip a/v helps photographers capture professional quality audio while using mobile devices to record. It is equipped with a complete microphone amplifier system and phantom power supply. It can record with an external XLR microphone. Iklip a/v supports high-end condenser microphones with 48V phantom power supplied by two AA batteries. Its gain control, headphone monitoring output and 1/8 trrs audio output ensure the best signal no matter what microphone or device is used. Iklip a/v's ergonomic handle also allows you to experience the shooting process more comfortably

stability and security

iklip a/v design allows you to shoot stably. It includes an ergonomically designed handle and an expandable bracket, using a design agreed with IK's iklipxpand Mini. It can safely grasp any iPhone, iPod touch or size Android that makes your work more stable between 3.5 and 6. Iklip a/v can also be attached to monopods and tripods through standard interfaces. Its bracket can be separated and replaced with a portable video recorder. No matter how you use it, iklip a/v brings professional and simple use

fully connected

iklip a/v can be compatible with any smart live small camera and 1/8 trrs (ctia/ahj writing standard) audio input, which means that it can bring professional podcast level podcast effect. Use any compatible device to match with iklip a/v standard tripod/camera interface

similarly, iklip a/v can be compatible with all popular mobile video recording applications, including Apple's photo app and third-party controlled apps such as filmic pro

price and purchase

iklip experimental machine itself has brain. A/v will be sold worldwide in April 2016, and the price is $/179.99 (excluding tax)

irig blueturn, the first backlit Mini Bluetooth page turner designed for iPhone, iPad, MAC and Android. Portable and compact, this compact foot controller is equipped with two high-definition backlight soft buttons, so that musicians, performers, etc. can use a large number of file display applications and software, such as iklip stage

designed for stage and mobile use, irigblueturn uses two AAA batteries for power supply and is equipped with durable materials. It is an ideal accessory for the thinner guitars, bass, etc. to practice and the presenter to show slides

portable page turner

with irigblueturn, you can simply control it from the ground. Its button sends hid information through Bluetooth Le technology. Irigblueturn can be combined with the change of the stiffness of I specimen, which will change the mathematical model of the load control system. K's iklip stage file management application agrees that it can be compatible with many popular file management and viewing software


irigblueturn button can be used in three different modes: page up/page down, arrow up/arrow down, and shear left/arrow right, which can be adjusted according to different needs. These different modes can be set directly on the hardware

light up the stage

irigblueturn is designed for performance. Its backlight button design allows performers to easily control the stage environment in low light. The light of these buttons is not strong, which makes them very suitable for performing or speaking on low light stage

travel companion

irigblueturn only needs a small space and is very solid. It can be put into any small bag or backpack. The mobile design uses two AAA batteries for power supply, and it can be used for a long time through ultra-low power consumption technology

price and purchase

irigblueturn will be sold in dealers and electronic instrument stores around the world in February 2016, and the price is only $/69.99 (excluding tax)

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