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In 2011, a number of new national standards in the home building materials industry were promulgated and implemented

20 Jinan testing machine factory impact testing machine solution 11 years ago, a number of new national standards in the home building materials industry were officially promulgated and implemented

the new standard for environmental protection monitoring of furniture will not damage the furniture

time: it is expected to be officially promulgated and implemented within the year


1. The new standard will adopt nondestructive testing instead of damage testing, and place the whole furniture in a specific environment for testing. The furniture will not be damaged to any extent, which will not affect sales and use

2. The new standard will also adopt the "climate box detection method" to replace the existing "atmospheric detection method", that is, the detection in the room with constant temperature and humidity can accurately reflect the overall actual release of toxic and harmful substances from the furniture submitted for inspection. The "climate box test method" can judge the release of formaldehyde, VOC and other harmful substances. As long as there is a material that fails to meet the environmental protection standards, it can be concentrated in the comprehensive test results

General technical conditions for children's furniture clearly requires safety signs

time: This is China's first general mandatory standard for children's furniture, which is expected to be approved for release and implementation by the end of this year


1. The new standard defines for the first time that children's furniture is applicable to children aged 3 to 14

2. The standard also makes clear requirements for the structural safety and safety warning signs of children's furniture. The edges and tips, protrusions, holes and gaps, and folding structures of children's furniture products are clearly stipulated; Cabinet type closed furniture used by children should have certain ventilation function; The applicable age group and other required safety warning signs of the product should be clearly specified on the children's furniture products or in the instructions for use, and the standard terms such as "danger", "warning" and "attention" should be used in the warning signs

3. The standard stipulates the limit indicators for the release of heavy metals, formaldehyde, decomposable aromatic amines and other toxic and harmful substances in the main and auxiliary materials of children's furniture, artificial boards, coatings, textiles, fur fabrics and so on


the national standard for decorative paper was formulated for the first time in "special paper for wood-based panel veneer"

the first national standard for decorative paper, "special paper for wood-based panel veneer", is expected to be released in 2011 We should protect electronic extension facilities. This standard is formulated on the basis of the forestry industry standard ly/t "decorative paper for wood-based panel finishes", adding the contents of surface paper, surface adhesive film paper, wear-resistant surface paper, wear-resistant surface adhesive film paper, wear-resistant decorative adhesive film paper, balance paper, balance adhesive film paper. It specifies the definition, technical requirements, inspection methods, inspection rules, marking, packaging, storage, etc. of special paper for wood-based panel veneer, which is suitable for veneer special paper of impregnated adhesive film paper veneer wood-based panel and thermosetting resin impregnated paper high-pressure decorative laminated board

coatings implemented 14 national mandatory standards in August

in view of the adverse conditions such as the chaotic sales of coatings, the poor quality of coatings and paint products, and the prevalence of fake and shoddy products in the market, relevant national departments said that on August 1, 2011, 14 national mandatory standards related to coatings will be implemented to regulate the market. It is reported that there are as many as 14 standards to be implemented this time, which are respectively aimed at amino alkyd resin coating, alkyd resin coating, phenolic resin antirust coating, etc., and these 14 contents are subject to national mandatory standards

there is a new standard for the radioactive limit of building materials

on July 1, the radionuclide limit of building materials GB jointly issued by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the National Standardization Administration Committee was officially implemented. This standard further revised the inspection standard of radioactive limit of building materials, and put forward clear specifications for the production and sales of domestic ceramic, stone and other building materials enterprises

the strictest formaldehyde standard in the United States restricts the furniture industry

from July 1 this year, the formaldehyde limit standard stipulated in the United States "formaldehyde standards for composite wood products act" will be significantly increased, and the executive standard will be completely higher than that of China, allowing smaller experimental material sections not to directly contact mechanical parts by 1000 times. Faced with the most stringent environmental protection (6) metal impact testing machine oil viscosity is too low bill so far, some Jiangsu furniture enterprises have no choice but to say that they will withdraw from the U.S. market

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