Coaxial cable for Ankang coal mine

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Ankang coal mine coaxial cable

Ankang coal mine coaxial cable msyv quality assurance

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Product Brand Xinlong power cable group has complete product models, production City Langfang City, shipment City Langfang City, total supply 100000, minimum starting order 2000, product unit price 0 1 unit of measurement one meter product details

coaxial cable for Ankang coal mine msyv quality assurance

Product model, specification and scope of mining control cable: model, specification and scope of mining control cable usage mkvv, mkvvp, mkvvp20 Mm2, core, suitable for weak electric control, basically aluminum cable system or strong electromagnetic field interference area mkvv22, mkvv200 Mm2, core mkvv32, mkvv300 Mm2, core mkvvr0 Mm2, core mkvvrp0 Mm2, core mkvvp22, mkvvp Mm2, core mkvvp Mm2, core, sign the product quality assurance certificate, and promise - unqualified products will never leave the factory. Product quality tracking service within two years, and customer service records in the archives for 20 years. It is really due to product quality problems. Product standard this product is manufactured according to gb9330 plastic insulated control cable, iec60227 PVC insulated cable with rated voltage of 450/750v and below, and iec60502 kV extruded insulated power cable and accessories with rated voltage. Scope of application PVC insulated PVC sheathed control cable is suitable for the wiring of control, signal, protection and measurement systems with rated voltage of 450/750v and below. It indicates that the rated power frequency voltage uo/u is 450/750v. The allowable long-term * * * working temperature of cable conductor is 70 ℃. The ambient temperature during cable laying shall not be lower than 0 ℃. If the ambient temperature is lower than 0 ℃, the cable shall be preheated. The recommended allowable bending radius of cables is as follows: for unarmoured cables, it should not be less than 6 times of the outer diameter of the cable; Armored or copper tape shielded cable shall not be less than 12 times the outer diameter of the cable; Shielded flexible cable

our group will guarantee warranty, return and replacement to meet customer requirements. Package description: short meter plate packaging, business philosophy: innovation is the driving force, reputation is the premise, quality is life, efficiency is the guarantee, service is the fundamental, brand is the goal. Enterprise tenet: pursue excellence, forge international brands and revitalize national industry. Enterprise goal: integrity, win-win, harmonious development, and create a century old brand. Service concept: our service should be standardized, valued, serialized and branded. 1 According to the type of cable structure - non filled and filled. 2. It is divided into copper wire and aluminum wire according to the material of the replaced wire; 3. According to the core insulation structure - solid insulation, foam insulation, foam/solid leather insulation; 4. According to the stranding mode of wire pairs - pair stranding and star stranding; 5. According to the insulation color of core wire - full chromatography and ordinary chromatography; 6. According to the cable core structure - concentric (layer stranded), unit stranded, bundle stranded, SZ stranded; 7. It can be divided into single-layer plastic coated aluminum tape shielding and multi-layer aluminum and steel metal tape composite shielding

the power supply line of fire-fighting electrical equipment must meet the continuous power supply time of fire-fighting equipment in case of fire, so as to ensure the integrity of the line and the normal operation of the system. At the same time, the fire risk of wires and cables must also be considered to avoid becoming a fire source due to short circuit and overload. Under the action of external fire, it should not contribute to the spread of fire, which can effectively reduce the harmful gas decomposed by the organic insulation layer and avoid the occurrence of "secondary disasters". (1) When ordinary equipment lines are laid through pipes, ordinary wires can be used; Ordinary cables can be used for direct buried laying and concealed laying through pipes; (2) When wires and cables are laid in bundles, flame-retardant wires and cables shall be used; (3) Wires and cables used in super class and first-class places should be halogen-free and low smoke type, and wires and cables used in second-class places should be halogen-free and low smoke type; (4) Mineral insulated cables should be used for the main power supply lines of wood structure public buildings, special class and first-class places and other important loads. Fourth, (1) at present, China has no national standards or industry standards

Da introduction to marine and offshore platform power cables 1 Purpose: this kind of cable is suitable for transmitting electric energy in power systems with AC rated voltage of 0.6/1kv and below on various river and sea ships, offshore oil and other water structures. 2. Reference standard: ieckv ~ 3KV and below extruded solid insulation marine power cable has obtained more than 10 national patents after years of research. 3 Service characteristics: working temperature: 90 ℃, 125 ℃, rated voltage u0/u:0.6/1kvzui small bending radius: not less than 6 times the outer diameter of the cable, and the service life of the cable is not less than 25 years. 4. Performance index: the DC resistance of 20 ℃ conductor meets iec60228 standard (gb3956). The insulation resistance of 20 ℃ cable shall not be less than 5000m ω· Km (much higher than the performance index of insulation resistance constant required by IEC standard). The flame retardant performance meets the flame retardant requirements of IECA (the fire is supplied for 40 minutes, and the carbonization height of the cable is not more than 2.5m)

to isolate electrified bodies or conductors with different potentials, so that the current flows through a certain path. The insulating rubber must have good dielectric properties, high insulation resistance and withstand voltage strength, excellent physical and mechanical properties, and have certain plasticity, which is convenient for processing and softness, which is convenient for installation and use.) Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPR or EPDM), etc. However, the new standard stipulates that insulating materials must pass the air bomb test, so now enterprises mostly use pure EPDM or CPE and EPDM materials to meet the requirements of the standard. Concept of sheath: in order to prevent damage from external factors during the installation and use of cables, the outer layer of stranded insulated conductors is wrapped with a special protective layer, which is usually called sheath layer in cables. Because the cable has high precision, the system will inevitably be damaged by external forces and environmental factors in the process of installation and use, so the sheath must have good tensile strength, wear resistance, tear resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties

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