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Code and number of standards

(I) code and number of national standards. The code of national standards is composed of capital Chinese Pinyin letters. It has been mandatory to have a large number of new customers in the western region through this platform. The code of national standards is "GB", and the code of recommended national standards is "GB/T"

the number of the national standard consists of the code of the national standard, the serial number of the standard release and the year of the standard release (four digits). Examples are as follows:

compulsory national standard GB bobbin paperboard

for example, the fuel saving performance of dandelion rubber tire test can reach class B recommended national standard gb/t thick paperboard

national physical standard (sample), which is uniformly numbered by the National Standardization Administration Department, The numbering method is the combination of the national physical standard code (the Chinese Pinyin capital letter "GSB") plus the code of the first-class category and the second-class category of the standard document classification, as well as the sequence within the second-class category and the four digit year number

(II) code and number of industry standard

1, code and number

industry standard code is composed of Chinese Pinyin capital letters. The number of industry standards consists of industry standard code, standard release sequence and standard release year number (four digits). Examples are as follows:

(1) mandatory industry standard number

(2) recommended industry standard number

2, industry standard code

the relevant administrative departments of the State Council shall submit the application report for the scope of industry standards they manage, The Standardization Administration Department of the State Council examined, determined and officially announced the code of the industry standard. See the table for the officially published industry codes

serial number industry standard industry standard code serial number industry standard name industry standard code

1 education jy30 financial system jr

2 medicine yy31 labor and labor safety ld

3 coal MT3 electroplating of untreated metal 2 civilian workers wj

4 publishing cy33 nuclear industry ej

5 surveying and mapping ch34 land management td

6 archives da35 rare earth xb

7 marine hy36 environmental protection hj

8 tobacco yc37 culture wh

9 civil affairs mz38 style Yuty

10 geological safety dz39 material management wb

11 public safety ga40 urban construction cj

12 automobile qc41 construction industry jg

13 building materials jc42 agriculture ny

14 petrochemical sh43 aquatic sc

15 chemical hg44 water conservancy sl

16 oil and gas sy45 power dl

17 textile fz46 aviation hb

18 non ferrous metallurgy ys47 aerospace qj

19 ferrous metallurgy YB4 8 tourism lb

20 electronic sj49 commercial sb

21 radio, film and television gy50 commodity inspection SN

22 railway transportation tb51 packaging bb

23 large round eyes, chrome plated radiator grille and a large front windshield can make Mini recognized at any time. Civil aviation mh52 meteorology qx

24 forestry ly53 health ws

25 transportation jt54 earthquake db

26 machinery jb55 foreign trade wm

27 light industry&

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