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Polycom products support 4G networks to promote the development of mobile video conferencing

ctiforum can meet the work demand on April 11. Daily news (Li Wenjie): with the advent of the mobile 4G era, the data transmission rate has increased significantly, bringing new development opportunities for video conferencing that relies on network transmission. Polycom, a global open standardized integrated communication and collaborative operation (UC C) manufacturer, announced that polycomr realpresenter's full range of solutions support mobile 4G networks, promote video applications to a wider range of fields, promote more flexible video conference applications, and further practice the concept of "unlimited video communication"

in response to the popularity of smart and various mobile devices, Polycom partnered with apple, Samsung, HTC, Motorola and other manufacturers in 2012 to launch realpresence mobile, a mobile video solution that can be applied to smart and tablet devices. No matter where you are, as long as you have WiFi or mobile network, you can use Polycom realpresence mobile solution for mobile video communication through tablet or smart, providing users with more convenient video collaboration

The receiving and transmission rate of the

network is 20 times that of the existing 3G network, providing faster and stable data transmission. Through the connection between realpresence mobile video solution and the internal video network of the enterprise, users can use any network or device to conduct multi-point group meetings. Mobile video is widely used in different industries and fields, such as medical treatment, education, government, manufacturing and financial industry, effectively helping industries make decisions quickly. In addition, realpresence mobile mobile video solution is also applicable to multiple applications, which can be combined with Polycom smartpairing technology to provide users with content sharing, remote camera control and other functions

video collaboration continues to expand to different applications, including remote education, remote medical treatment, emergency dispatching and command, event handling, etc. In order to meet the diversified needs of various industries for video conferencing, the operating standards of video conferencing system are also improved. Realpresence mobile mobile video solution is easy to use, enterprise level system requirements and easy to manage, so that mobile users can enjoy a safe, reliable and rich video experience like using conference video

Phoenix Satellite TV and China Mobile worked together during the two sessions of the National People's Congress in March this year to transmit the real-time picture to the guide room for live broadcast through the 4G shooting of realpresence mobile, which is equipped with the development status of Polycom high-frequency reciprocating testing machine in China. Therefore, Polyc selects 1kn machine for the selection of this equipment, which can provide real-time and high-quality video transmission for the artificial ligament with a diameter of about 5mm. The equipment is easy to operate. Maxtest software supports windows 98/xp/2000 and other windows operating systems. It plays the advantage of mobile 4G network, even in the driving interview car

Li Gang, general manager of Greater China, said, "The development of mobile 4G network has changed the application scope of traditional video conferencing, made video conferencing popular, and more inclined to personal use. As a leading brand of global video, Polycom has played its technical and resource advantages in this revolutionary wave of 4G Mobile Internet, expanded diversified video applications to different industries, helped enterprises change their operation mode, integrated mobile video solutions into daily life, and made video simpler Develop in a more convenient and humanized direction, and gradually practice the concept of "unlimited video communication"

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