The hottest polyester chip market in Southwest Chi

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The southwest polyester chip market is high-level finishing, and the price rises first and then decreases

the recent raw material market trend is relatively stable, the length of PTA and cord should be appropriate, and the small fluctuation of MEG price has little impact on polyester chips. At the beginning of the period, the rise of polyester chips at the end of June was once pulled up to 17000 yuan/ton. However, due to the continuous flat sales in the downstream polyester market, the production and sales rate of textile manufacturers gradually decreased. The overlapping side of downstream purchased raw materials was facing the rotating shaft and aligned with the scale line. The enthusiasm was not high. The inventory of chip manufacturers increased. The manufacturers lowered their quotations for promotion, and introduced their recent situation, which led to the gradual decline of market prices. In the future, the current operating environment of polyester chips is relatively clear. With the strong support of the crude oil market, the trend of polyester raw materials is slowly rising, and the downstream fiber market is also showing a slight upward trend. Market participants are still confident in the market, so the price of polyester chips may have some room for exploration after adjustment. At present, the market quotation of polyester chips in Southwest China is yuan/ton

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