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Polycom helps manufacturing enterprises realize industry 4.0

nowadays, Internet is promoting the traditional manufacturing industry to accelerate into the next era industry 4.0 era. The fourth industrial revolution led by intelligent manufacturing will transform the manufacturing industry to intelligent. At the same time, since the implementation of the made in China 2025 strategy, the government has vigorously developed advanced manufacturing industry, promoted the growth of new business forms, and promoted the modernization and reform of traditional industries. In order to meet the continuous challenges of the market, manufacturing enterprises have chosen to use video conference collaboration tools to maintain the efficient operation of the entire value chain

Midea Group Co., Ltd. is a large comprehensive enterprise group mainly engaged in household appliance manufacturing. It owns household appliance products of various brands and has production bases in many places across the country. With the development of Midea, the communication between the group headquarters and the bases has become more and more frequent. Video conference can enable participants from multiple places to participate in the meeting at the same time and communicate in real time. Polycom remote video conference system helps Midea Group achieve efficient, convenient and timely communication, which can meet the needs of business development and become one of the important communication methods of Midea Group

improve enterprise operation efficiency

polycom Rmx is the industry's best high-definition MCU series products, giving clear and perfect video and audio effects to work meetings. Based on different network environments, it can achieve extremely high video quality even under the condition of low broadband. At the same time, it provides 22khz broadband sound quality. The audio can reach the theater level feeling, and there will be no fatigue during a long meeting, which increases the sense of presence and intimacy of the meeting

with the powerful features of Rmx, Polycom provides 1080p HD conference experience for Midea's general assembly and branch meetings. The central point MCU connects the main venue and other necessary venues to form the transmission of video information from top to bottom. The images and sounds of the main venue can be instantly transmitted to each venue below. At the same time, the speeches of any venue can also be broadcast to the whole, so that the internal communication of the company is smooth. In addition to holding the general assembly of the whole video conference system, each branch can also hold meetings with other branches independently according to their own business and work arrangements. At this time, each branch can apply independently of each other without affecting each other and interfering with the business of DSM optical fiber and cable materials department, which continues to grow with the increasing demand for high speed and high quality in the global telecommunications network. Polycom's solutions have helped Midea greatly improve conference and work efficiency

in addition, Midea Group needs to formulate real-time response strategies in the face of capital market and government policy adjustments. In the face of these rapidly changing changes, typical representatives of conventional ABS alloys are: 20 although the application of springs is large, 02-t4 Midea Group extends the meeting to the outside of the meeting room through POLYCOM real presence mobile solution. No matter where the relevant personnel are, as long as they find contacts, The video conference system can be used to hold meetings at the fastest speed and quickly respond to any emergencies

improve the internal and external interaction of enterprises

manufacturing enterprises believe that face-to-face contact can greatly improve customer satisfaction. This is why many manufacturers use Polycom remote video collaboration solutions to improve their service and maintenance activities. Midea is the same. Midea Group has many long-term partners and users across the country. With the remote video solution deployed by Polycom, it can effectively contact partners and easily meet regularly during the development cycle. In order to minimize misunderstanding and rework needs, and help the company's business development

for each department with an import value of 2.36 billion US dollars, it is necessary to continuously improve the professional ability and comprehensive quality of employees. The centralized on-site training method is expensive, time-consuming and requires a lot of resources. Polycom remote video system helps Midea Group significantly improve training efficiency. The convenience and flexibility of the meeting can be improved through remote video conference. You can easily join the training locally by arranging the time to participate in the training. The system can also realize the synchronous transmission of two video streams of data content and character content. The remote venue can display data and characters on different screens through two high-definition screens, which is convenient for participants to watch clear content

for the manufacturing industry, time is money. Optimizing the production process can immediately enhance the competitive advantage. Polycom remote video solution can help enterprises work efficiently. No matter what environment the team is in, the meeting room, R & D laboratory or on the road, it can easily carry out face-to-face communication. It is an important tool to help enterprises be more successful and improve operational efficiency, and achieve greater value through less investment. Polycom will promote the take-off of China's manufacturing industry with the most advanced technology, the most perfect service and the world's leading experience

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