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Polycom released the industry's first group "social video chat" application

Polycom, the world's leading enterprise of unified communications (UC) based on open standards, recently announced that its social video software application is being launched together with HP's latest camera, HP 3310 HD webcam, and the upcoming 4310. As the first group social video chat application, Polycom HD video software allows users to enter their own contact list in many popular consumer social platforms, including Facebook, s, kype and Gtalk (Google Video) with the development of new energy vehicles. No matter what application the other party uses or where they are, consumers can talk freely with friends and family through HD video

different models of tensile testing machines do experiments on different materials. Because the application combines the contact lists of Facebook, Skype and Gtalk, users can see their friends. Just drag them into their own chat program or select these users to invite them to join Gaoqing video chat. The invitees accept the video chat invitation in their favorite information interface. Just click the invitation information in the browser to join the chat without downloading any programs. This free chat program supports three-party HD video chat and screen and file sharing, so while communicating face-to-face with friends and family, you can also browse their next vacation travel map and check the wedding seating arrangement or budget table

those Post-00 children grew up with the company of video. In order to further enhance the effectiveness of products, video and social media will become their preferred tool to contact friends and family. Sudhakar Ramakrishna, President of Polycom products and services, said that by cooperating with Wipro camera, we build a bridge between chat applications and social media, so that people can realize face-to-face communication through high-definition video, Even if one friend uses Skype and the other uses Facebook, this kind of communication can be realized smoothly. This is a great progress for social media. Polycom technology is unifying isolated video chat on a single platform

with HP HD webcam and Polycom HD video software, consumers can instantly realize face-to-face communication with others anytime, anywhere on many commonly used social platforms. Jun Kim, HP vice president and general manager of computer display and parts business department, said that Polycom HD video software combined with HP camera can enable people to realize instant face-to-face communication in a clear picture, It doesn't matter what social platform the chat person uses. These are high-performance products through which people can communicate and share anywhere

the development of software applications benefited from Polycom's acquisition of the technology of software company vivu in October 2011. Vivu's innovative HD video chat software can be used in online applications, such as corporate, social, and industrial applications (for example, medical communications, retail 1, its transparency is better than polyethylene, polypropylene call centers, or wealth management solutions, etc.). This technology enables Polycom to use HD video in web applications as soon as possible through OEM mode, so that video collaboration can be widely used in various devices and applications

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polycom software application can run on personal computers and apple Macs. At present, it is free for HP webcam HD 3310 and the upcoming 4310. The basic version is introduced to the market together with the webcam in the attached DVD. Its main features include tripartite video, desktop sharing and 15 minute video recording

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