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The polycarbonate industry market is expected to continue to develop strongly.

frost Sullivan, a world-renowned consulting company, recently released a report saying that the average annual growth rate of China's overall engineering plastics market will reach 10.2% in the next five years, and the demand for engineering plastics will be close to 3million tons by 2013. The growth rate of sales is slightly faster, and will maintain an average annual growth rate of 11.2% in the next five years, with sales reaching about US $11.56 billion in 2013. The main driving factors include the steady development of the automotive, electrical and electronic industries, as well as improvements in technology and applications

according to the report, the report believes that polycarbonate can still develop strongly in the next five years - the polycarbonate market has remained depressed since 2005, mainly because of the sharp rise in prices. Customers have changed the practice of next big orders and choose to buy according to actual needs; In the next few years, the annual growth of polycarbonate market in output may reach 9%, and the annual growth of sales will reach 10%. Polycarbonate, like epoxy resin, is prepared with bisphenol A as the main raw material. At present, international investment is pouring in, and domestic enterprises are still starting

the report also believes that the nylon market will resume a high growth rate of more than 16% in the next five years, ending the slowdown in growth in 2006. However, the price of NYSE's so-called "Ningbo based on new materials" dragon is declining, and its profits are shrinking. The use of recycled nylon, metal and other polymer alternative materials will have a certain impact on its development. In 2006, although the output of polyoxymethylene maintained positive growth and the price fell slightly, its sales showed negative growth. It is expected that in the future, the sales volume of the market will need to replace oil pipes with higher intensity, and the growth rate will be 5 ~ 10% per year. The high profit polyphenylene oxide Market is attracting more enterprises to enter the market, including Chinese enterprises and multinational companies. It is expected that the annual growth rate of this market will remain at 10.7% by 2013. The rapid development of the automotive field will promote the strong growth of polybutylene terephthalate. In the future, the output and sales volume will be nearly 1% of the fixture used in the zigzag experiment

it is worth noting that at present, Chinese enterprises and multinational suppliers are extremely unbalanced in market share. In China, more than half of the sales of engineering plastics come from large multinational enterprises, such as Saudi Basic Industries Corporation innovative plastics (formerly GE Plastics Group), DuPont, Baoli, Mitsubishi engineering plastics, Bayer, Asahi Kasei, BASF and Teijin, and the market competition is fierce

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