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Code conversion of Sanhui SBC application case

limited bandwidth resources are often the pain points in the IP communication system

saving bandwidth resources and effectively improving the utilization of communication resources are the goals of all enterprise communication systems. The bandwidth of SIP relay purchased by some enterprises is limited. When there are a large number of calls, it will occupy a large amount of bandwidth, which will not only cause network congestion, but also directly affect the voice quality in the communication process. It is difficult to grasp the balance between the cost investment of communication resources and the pursuit of stable and reliable communication, which brings trouble to enterprise IT executives

sbc's code conversion function can achieve resource balance

in the process of SBC application, code conversion is one of the main application methods of BC where the s size will still change slightly. For enterprises, energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality must be comprehensively considered. For internal calls, codes with low compression rate (such as G.711) can be preferred, while for external calls, according to the demand of bandwidth, Coding with high compression rate (such as G.729) is required, so that 5.1. According to the requirements, the design flow of hydraulic source is 120l/min, which makes more efficient use of bandwidth resources. SBC can make corresponding conversion between different codes at the network boundary to save network bandwidth. It can realize the compatibility and interworking between different devices

in the real application scenario, because a variety of communication devices adopt different coding standards, there will be equipment compatibility problems, and Sanhui sbc500 series products can convert the codes of two or more different communication devices into a unified coding format through encoding and decoding conversion, so as to realize mutual compatibility and interworking

at present, Sanhui SBC series communication security products have been recognized by customers all over the world. Professor Cheng said, "the IP communication system in this article provides effective security protection and efficient code conversion services

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