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Polycom video solutions usher in a new era of telemedicine

in fact, these two experiments are completed through universal experimental machines

the perfect practice of unlimited video communication. China has far driven the upsurge of NCA production around the world. Stroke center realizes zero distance medical treatment

ctiforum on May 29 (Li Wenjie): telemedicine has become a global trend, All countries in the world are committed to the development of telemedicine. With the prevalence of mobile devices, the maturity of 4G network and communication technology, and the innovation of video equipment, the development of telemedicine has made more breakthroughs. Polycom, a global open standardized integrated communication and collaborative operation (UC C), provides comprehensive and safe medical care solutions and medical administration video solutions, helps medical teams communicate and cooperate more effectively, and creates more possibilities for the development of telemedicine

in order to effectively cope with various ever-changing diseases, telemedicine allows local medical staff to communicate with overseas experts through remote medicine, so as to solve the problems of unbalanced allocation of medical resources, lack of professional medical personnel, inconvenient transportation in remote areas, etc; It can also be used in the emergency command center, which uses video to connect to the hospital network, which can not only promote patients to receive diagnosis and treatment through a long-distance way, but also allow medical staff to report the latest situation of patients to the command center and identify any potential new diseases

the innovation of video has officially become one of the main forces to promote the development of telemedicine. Recently, China's National Remote stroke center was officially established in Beijing. It uses Polycom remote video and communication solutions to enable patients to receive thrombolytic therapy at the first time, and solve the problem of delayed medical treatment of stroke patients due to regional restrictions. Through the remote stroke center, the highly difficult operations previously only carried out in China Education hospital can also be carried out in grass-roots county-level or remote area hospitals for remote consultation and operation guidance, including intravascular thrombectomy, arterial thrombolysis, aneurysmal hemorrhage, hypertensive cerebral hemorrhage, extracranial vascular bypass and intimal denudation, reducing the "four high" characteristics of high incidence rate, high recurrence rate, high disability rate and high mortality of stroke, It is expected to significantly reduce the disability rate and death rate of patients

the opening of China's National Remote stroke center has set a milestone in the development of telemedicine, which is of special significance in the process of promoting telemedicine. Ligang, general manager of Polycom Greater China, said: "As a leading brand in the industry, Polycom has provided various solutions for medical institutions with rich and professional experience, and has successfully obtained many successful cases in the international market. Facing various special needs of medical treatment, Polycom is committed to providing perfect services to ensure the smooth implementation of remote diagnosis, remote surgery and other applications. We hope to help more people by using Polycom video equipment to reduce the gap of communication, so as to realize Practice the ultimate goal of boundless video and unlimited communication. "

polycom medical video solution applies the high-quality video system to telemedicine applications, helps cross regional medical teams to communicate and communicate without obstacles, and brings a lower cost but more efficient communication method for the medical methacrylate industry, which can make these materials transparent, stable and have good hardness. Lu Lizheng, general manager of Polycom Taiwan, said: "Taiwan's telecommunications industry is developed, and it has medical services of international level and quality. Although there are still many limitations and challenges on the road to telemedicine, the application of Polycom video equipment has long jumped out of the use of traditional inter enterprise meetings. With the germination of the concept of remote care, we are convinced that the development of telemedicine will also be carried out. Polycom will continue to promote the development of telemedicine and care, and is expected to follow globalization And promote telemedicine and care to cross-strait and international exchanges. "

about "unlimited video communication"

Polycom launched a 12-month marketing plan - "unlimited video communication", which is synchronously integrated with the global market, to explore how enterprise employees can achieve unimpeded communication and collaboration through the video, voice and content sharing solutions provided by Polycom. "Boundless video communication" focuses on the application of Polycom solutions in various industries, helping enterprises to cooperate without fear of distance, expand and accelerate business processes. In the future, Polycom will devote itself to the deep cultivation and promotion of this new concept, actively lead the innovation and development of the video industry, and help enterprises play their role in promoting the wider application of video collaboration, so as to finally realize the communication between people without distance

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