The hottest Polycom conference call helps Tenaris

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Baolitong conference helps Tenaris, but it gives the experience value of home users who eventually use the vehicle to implement the desktop of lync terminal

Tenaris Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. deploys baolitong conference lync adapter terminal, optimizes the voice of lync client, uses the phone to answer, and the operation can record the value instigated by the pointer at this time, which is simple and convenient, and improves the office efficiency of employees

at the same time


Tenaris (Qingdao) Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. is located on the west side of Kaifa Road, Qingdao Economic and Technological Development Zone, Shandong Province. The primary goal of the company's development is to enable every employee to achieve sustainable and more comprehensive development. The direction of the company is to create value for customers! The company adheres to people-oriented, strives for customers with integrity, strives for survival with quality, and strives to achieve customer first, market first and quality first

current situation:

the user company is headquartered in Portugal and has deployed lync 2010 system in its head office and branches. The Japanese branch confirmed Polycom CX series phones as its lync voice terminal optimization products, and Qingdao Branch was responsible for equipment procurement in Chinese Mainland (Qingdao, Beijing)


optimize the voice of lync client and use the phone to answer and make calls

in addition, it is required to select a voice conference terminal product to meet the needs of multiple people to participate in voice conferences


Jardine technology and Zhizhen Xintong work together to propose the following solutions for users' needs to ensure that the time from sample discharge to impact is not more than 2 seconds. CX600 or cx500 terminals are deployed on the leadership desktop. Leaders can directly call other lync terminals, which is convenient and simple to operate; Deploy cx3000 in the conference room as a conference terminal to solve the conference function in the conference room

function realization:

Polycom lync adapter terminal extends lync PC terminal to desktop terminal, retains employees' habit of using phone, and directly calls other lync terminals, which is simple and convenient, and improves enterprise office efficiency

the conference has a built-in lync terminal, which can be used separately from PC. the conference sound quality is clear, meeting the needs of many people to participate in the conference voice conference

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