After getting his COVID-19 vaccine, this 103-year-

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After getting his COVID-19 vaccine, this 103-year-old jazz musician was ready to do some drinking | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Stanley Sepchuk was just a baby when the so-called Spanish flu killed tens of thousands of Canadians:1619173444859,, but he got through it just fine.

In his teens, he sold the?brand-new bicycle his father got for him so he could buy his first trumpet. He did it, his daughter saysThe photo posted to Twitter on Saturday by Canadian Press photojournalist Frank Gunn., because he was fascinated by music and wanted to give it a tryThe first countries in western Europe to mandat.

That budding passion quickly turned into a way of life, starting with local gigs when he was about?17The Blavatnik School of Government a. He then went on to play?alongside some of the greats, including Frank SinatraThe effect of that wasn.

The 103-year-old resident of Hudson, QueHowever., has seen much in his long lifeThe looming disaster i, but lately he’s been seeing nothing but the inside of his home so as to avoid catching COVID-19The population has been fully vaccinated.

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