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Decoration companies will also be afraid of owners? This sentence sounds incredible, but it is true. In recent years, there have been constant disputes between Wuhan Decoration Company and the owner. The owner's road of decoration is comparable to the road of learning lessons of Tang monk in journey to the West. It is difficult to reach the end without going through 81 difficulties. As a decoration company, there are also words of suffering. In the face of thousands of owners of all kinds, it is impossible not to have a dispute at all. Recently, some home decoration practitioners have expressed their wishes to Xiaobian. Next, let's join the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network to see what kind of owners Wuhan decoration company is most afraid of

1: afraid of "recognizing money but not quality" owners

"our house is 100 square meters, how much does it cost to install it?" This may be the most difficult question for home decoration company personnel to answer

a customer service staff of a brand home decoration company in Wuhan told reporters that once an owner initially chose their company. After the designer communicated with the owner, the owner paid a deposit. After the design drawings and quotations came out, the owner turned back. It turned out that the owner had a decoration area of more than 180 square meters, and the company's quotation was about 180000. After the owner went to another company for consultation, the other party's quotation was less than 60000, and the owner said that he had to refund the bill. The customer service helplessly said, "the design, process and materials of different home decoration companies will affect the overall price of decoration. When choosing decoration companies, many consumers only pay attention to the price, allowing home decoration companies to quote out of thin air. However, after their 'shopping around', the first thing they think of is to cut the price to the lowest."

comments: in this regard, Xiaobian reminded the majority of decoration owners that decoration is the same as buying other things, every penny is worth the goods. When choosing a home decoration company, we must not blindly consider its quotation. The phenomenon of "low price arbitrage" has been banned repeatedly in the industry. Consumers should be careful not to lose big money because of small money

2: afraid of "choice syndrome" owners

"Party A has abused me thousands of times, and I treat Party A as if I were in love for the first time". This sentence can not be used too much to describe the working conditions of decoration designers. As the soul engineer of home decoration, designers are always in the decoration. What they fear most is the owner with "choice syndrome"

European or Chinese, this is a question; Low key or luxury, this is also a problem; It's still a question whether to listen to the designer or to yourself. A designer who has been in the decoration field for a long time told reporters that he once served an owner and was very tangled, ranging from style selection to soft decoration accessories. After consulting the opinions of various relatives and friends, he could not decide. The designer could only make a variety of options, and even after the construction began, the owner was still unable to determine the final decoration style

Xiaobian's comments: Xiaobian feels that if he has no special research on the decoration style, he should still listen to the suggestions of the designer in this regard. He can't take it for granted. Otherwise, in the end, he will not only overspend on the budget, but also cause his home decoration to become four different




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