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The impression of Engineering wallpaper in consumer groups is synonymous with "low-cost paper, low-cost paper", but well-known wallpaper enterprises absolutely deny this - Engineering wallpaper ≠ low-cost paper

wallpaper -- a fashionable choice to beautify the home environment. With the continuous development and improvement of the production technology and design level of China's wallpaper industry, Chinese wallpaper has sprung up as lifelike as bamboo shoots. With the continuous expansion of China's home decoration market, real estate enterprises and engineering projects, specially supplied engineering project wallpaper also emerged. However, the impression of Engineering wallpaper in consumer groups is synonymous with "low-cost paper, low-cost paper", but well-known wallpaper enterprises absolutely deny this - Engineering wallpaper ≠ low-cost paper

the so-called low-cost wallpaper in the market: those unqualified products with inferior quality and low price produced by newly entered small and medium-sized wallpaper enterprises in order to occupy the market and obtain benefits in a short time. As for the large circulation of Engineering wallpaper with inferior quality, such as low-cost base paper, substandard pigments and eliminated production processes in the industry, the price of Engineering wallpaper products is getting lower and lower, resulting in the intensification of malicious competition in the market, the image of wallpaper has lost its original reputation in the hearts of consumers, and the sustainable development of the entire wallpaper industry has been destroyed

as the first wallpaper in China, it has served home decoration, tooling customers, real estate enterprises, etc. for more than 30 years of market operation. In order to meet the personalized and diversified market demand, tepli wallpaper has designed, developed and produced engineering Wallpapers of different grades and prices

basically can be divided into three categories:

first: general engineering wallpaper

this kind of wallpaper is suitable for individual industrial and commercial enterprises such as hotels, stores and restaurants with small scale and residents. This kind of Engineering wallpaper not only integrates the beautiful, beautiful and elegant decoration effect of wallpaper, but also highlights the product requirements of environmental protection, health and quality assurance of Engineering wallpaper, and provides more preferred decoration products for individual industrial and commercial enterprises. For some small and medium-sized wallpaper enterprises in the wallpaper market, they do not hesitate to sacrifice their corporate reputation to provide some low-quality and low-cost products, which not only destroys the wallpaper image in the concept of consumers, but also destroys the long-term path of sustainable development of the wallpaper industry

advantages: low cost, suitable for decoration applications of individual industrial and commercial households and families

disadvantages: it can't be comparable with high-end wallpaper. It's the so-called "every penny counts."

the picture is the effect picture of Shangjie version

in which, in order to uphold the business philosophy of providing first-class products and achieving satisfactory services, the R & D and design of tepri wallpapers can supply ordinary engineering Wallpapers such as Shangjie, fashion, win-win and so on. It not only ensures the first-class product quality, but also provides all-round construction service consultation for customers of various engineering projects, so as to meet the service standards of customer satisfaction and reassurance

second: Local Engineering wallpaper

local engineering wallpaper is a wallpaper specially developed and designed for local high-end restaurants and hotels. It not only represents local luxury and fashion, but also highlights the prosperity of local enterprises. Quality assurance and high-quality service are the starting point of every project. Among them, the versions of Lake Como and Basel launched by tupley wallpaper have been favored by many local enterprises and families

advantages: the price is moderate and widely used, basically including most products in the wallpaper industry

disadvantages: it can not meet the personalized needs of consumers and high-end decoration

the picture is: the effect picture of Basel version

Third: International Engineering wallpaper

in order to meet the exploration and development of China's wallpaper international market, tepri wallpaper developed and designed special wallpaper suitable for national star hotels, hotels, restaurants, high-level clubs, residential quarters, etc. according to market reactions and customization needs. Among them, carnations, Archimedes, new vision and other products have been highly praised by international hotels and restaurants from China and other countries

advantages: meet the needs of personalized customization, the quality and texture of products are impeccable, high-end decoration is widely used, shows its own characteristics, and provides all-round product services

disadvantage: high cost

the picture is: the effect picture of Archimedes version

the application of tupolet engineering wallpaper is all over China:

in Beijing, more than 70% of five-star hotels and more than 80% of third-class hospitals have used tupolet wallpaper. Diaoyutaistateguesthouse, international trade phase III, Great Wall Hotel, Beijing hotel; Beijing hospital, 301 Hospital, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Cancer Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, the Third Hospital of Beijing Medical College, etc

the picture shows: Beijing Hotel (left) and diaoyutaistateguesthouse (right)

in the country, more than 30% of five-star hotels and 20% of engineering fields have used tepli wallpapers. Sheraton Hotel, Marriott Hotel, four seasons hotel, InterContinental Hotel, Ritz Carlton Hotel, Shangri La Hotel; Beijing Olympic venues, Beijing International Trade Hotel, Guangzhou International Financial Center, Shanghai Jinmao building, etc

the picture shows: Guangzhou International Financial Center (left), Beijing International Trade Hotel (right)

in the national real estate industry, tupley has established long-term cooperative relations with more than 40 real estate developers, such as Evergrande group, Greentown group, China Merchants real estate, Huayuan Real Estate, Hesheng Chuangzhan, Longhu real estate, etc

with the values of "innovation, pragmatism and cooperation", and adhering to the business philosophy of "survive by quality, develop by innovation, provide first-class products and achieve satisfactory service", toplay adheres to the all-round operation and management of the integration of Engineering wallpaper design, R & D, production, sales and service, and the high-end consulting, customization and after-sales service system, and builds the preferred brand of Chinese engineering wallpaper with top-level original design products

special wallpaper for tupley Engineering - a classic choice that makes you safe, reassuring and down-to-earth




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