4. Make ceiling decoration simple and easy

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Ceiling decoration can be said to be a major play in home decoration, so we should have a comprehensive understanding of how to decorate the ceiling before decoration

first, suspended ceilings are mostly used in indoor decoration ceiling projects. First of all, pay attention to the selection of materials, and then operate in strict accordance with the construction specifications. During installation, the position must be correct and the connection must be firm. Decorative materials used for ceilings, walls and floors should be non combustible or flame retardant materials, and wood materials are flammable, so fire prevention treatment should be done. Generally, electrical pipelines such as lighting and air conditioning should be laid in the ceiling, which should be operated in strict accordance with the specifications to avoid potential fire hazards

second, the concealed ceiling should be equipped with manholes. In home decoration, the ceiling is generally not equipped with manholes, which affects the appearance. Who knows that once the pipeline equipment in the ceiling breaks down, it is impossible to check and determine what part it is, what reason it is, and even more impossible to repair it. Therefore, it is better to set manholes for the ceiling laying pipelines. You can choose to set manholes in relatively hidden and easy to check parts, and carry out artistic treatment for manholes, such as setting them in combination with lamps or decorations

third, the ceiling of kitchen and bathroom should be made of metal, plastic and other materials. The bathroom is the place for bathing and washing. The kitchen needs to cook and cook. Although the range hood and exhaust fan are installed, it is still unable to drain all the steam, and the decorative panel or coating that is easy to absorb moisture will be deformed and peeled. Therefore, it is necessary to choose non hygroscopic materials. Generally, metal or plastic gusset plates should be used. If other materials are used, moisture-proof measures should be taken for the ceiling, such as painting, etc

fourth, safety glass should be used for glass or light box ceiling. Using colorful glass and frosted glass as ceiling is very distinctive, and it is more and more used in home decoration, but if the material is not appropriate, it is prone to safety accidents. In order to use safely, safety glass should be used in the ceiling and other vulnerable parts. At present, China stipulates that tempered glass and laminated glass are safety glass





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