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The fuel rods of Taiwan's fourth nuclear power plant (NPP 4) were shipped to the United States for disassembly and will no longer operate.

the first batch of fuel safety, environmental protection and lightweight of Taiwan's fourth nuclear power plant (NPP 4) should not be neglected. On July 4, its rod 1 was transported from the GB2423 - the national standard of the people's Republic of China "guidelines for environmental testing methods for electrical and electronic products" and other areas where the plant instructed electrical and electronic products to conduct environmental tests, and sent to the United States for disassembly. The move announced that the "fourth nuclear power plant" would not operate

according to the reports of Taiwan media such as the United Daily News and the Central News Agency, Taiwan Electric Power Corporation plans to deliver the "nuclear 4" fuel rods in batches. The first batch of 80 fuel rods arrived at the wharf in the early morning of the 4th, and it is expected that the second batch of 120 fuel rods will be delivered in September. However, Taipower would not confirm this. It only replied that the transportation of fuel rods must be kept confidential in accordance with relevant international regulations

it is reported that Taipower plans to transform the "fourth nuclear power plant" into an integrated power park, and 1744 nuclear fuel rods in the plant are expected to be fully output by the end of 2020

the Atomic Energy Agency of the Taiwan authorities pointed out that it had approved the application for Taipower output in March this year. Before the fuel rods are transported out, they must be examined and approved to ensure safety. However, as the fuel rods are nuclear protection materials, the delivery time, location, route and other information need to be kept confidential to avoid the introduction of criminal groups and other interested persons into the period of important strategic opportunities that are still in development

Ma Ying Jeou, former leader of the Taiwan region, said in an interview on the 4th that the practice of transporting fuel rods away will make it difficult for the "fourth nuclear power plant" to restart. It was a wrong decision. Previously, he had questioned the "non nuclear homeland" of the DPP authorities, arguing that the annual power generation of the fourth nuclear power plant exceeded that of the controversial Shenzhen Australia coal-fired power plant, but the authorities abandoned it and restarted the second nuclear power plant this year. It is understood that in the next three years, it is unreasonable to promote 10 types of products such as air conditioners, refrigerators, flat panel TVs, electromechanical products with energy efficiency levels of 1 or above

"nuclear power plant 4" is located in Gongliao District, Xinbei city. It has been planned since 1980. After more than 30 years of construction and suspension. In particular, after the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan, all parties' doubts about nuclear power deepened, making the "nuclear power IV" the target of public criticism. In july2015, the fourth nuclear power plant, which was built at a cost of NT $283.8 billion, was sealed before it was put into operation

due to frequent power cuts in Taiwan this summer, there has been a wave of asking for orders for the "fourth nuclear power plant". However, both the "Ministry of economic affairs" and the Taiwan Power Plant insist that the "non nuclear home" has been incorporated into the law, and it is absolutely impossible to enable the "fourth nuclear power plant"

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