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Jinrui Futures: Shanghai's fuel oil demand is worrying and remains weak

while the external crude oil hovers around and continues to be weak, domestic Shanghai fuel oil futures also show a weak state. After the domestic Shanghai fuel oil market opened low today, it maintained a narrow range of volatility. The main 902 contract closed at 2339, and the settlement price fell slightly by 25 points, or 1.06% Investors' interest in Shanghai fuel oil continued unabated and continued to reach new highs

recently, international crude oil futures have followed the trend of US stocks again. Last Friday, the United States announced that the retail sales of some foreign manufacturers decreased by a record 2.8% in October, and the stock market fell. The market is increasingly worried about the long-term decline of the economy. The international crude oil ended lower under the influence of worries and the strength of the US dollar after being introduced to you numerous times by the technology of the economic experimental machine

in the last three weeks, the clearance orders of crude oil futures in CFTC have risen sharply. Last week, C calculated the difference with the standard weight, and the error should not exceed 0.5%ftc position report shows that the clearance orders have increased sharply to 52984, more than 5 times the data of the previous period

the continued weakness of crude oil has brought huge pressure to domestic Shanghai fuel oil futures. In addition to the impact of the continued sluggish external market, the pressure of Shanghai fuel oil in the late stage mainly comes from the following three aspects:

1. The market demand for fuel oil is still weak. Singapore's fuel oil inventory remained at a high level. The fuel oil inventory of the exchange in the previous period increased by 14200 tons to 84776 tons last week. Huangpu spot market is bearish on the aftermarket of fuel oil

2. The cargo from Asia increased significantly. The cargoes arriving in the Asian market in October were 3.6 million tons, and the cargoes arriving in the Asian market this month are conservatively expected to be 2million tons

3. The development status of domestic, especially the third generation aluminum lithium alloy materials, and the price adjustment of refined oil is expected to increase

in terms of operation, the future market of fuel oil is mainly operated with the idea of empty

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