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Huishang Futures: fuel oil opened high and went low, and the market continues to be in the upward trend.

on Wednesday, fuel oil opened high and went low, and the market is still in the upward trend. 807 fuel oil opened at 4421, with the highest price of 4455 and the lowest price of 4376, closing at 42 The company improved its process management level 401, up 21 points from the previous trading day

(NYMEX) crude oil futures jumped to a record high of nearly $120 per barrel on Tuesday, as the weakness of the US dollar encouraged commodity buying, and the situation in Nigeria and the possibility of a strike in the UK triggered supply concerns. Gasoline and heating oil futures also hit record highs, as one week's US inventory data is expected to show a decline in oil inventories. Eric wittenauer, an analyst at Wachovia securities, said: "the (oil price) tends to rise. When the price drops in the morning, the market does not collapse, and there are factors such as the weakening of the US dollar and supply disruption." NYMEX may crude oil futures rose $1.89, or 1.61 percent, to a record high of $119.37 a barrel The market fluctuation range is 116 The latter was a record high of $90 The may term expires today. The weekly inventory data of the United States will be released on Wednesday. Analysts surveyed by Reuters predict that crude oil inventory is expected to increase by 1.2 million barrels, while gasoline and distillate oil are expected to decrease by 2.3 million barrels and 300000 barrels respectively. U.S. President George W. Bush said Tuesday that he is worried about record high crude oil and gasoline prices

RDSA. L) said it maintained its previous statement that its Nigerian plant with a daily output of 169000 barrels of crude oil was closed. The Nigerian oil minister said the figure was too high. Scottish Grangemouth refinery management and trade union personnel will hold a meeting on Tuesday to discuss avoiding the strike planned to start on Sunday

according to the domestic fuel oil review, today the fuel oil market continues to be in an upward trend. The international crude oil price hit a new high last night. In May, the original oil price strengthened the dynamic analysis of high-risk products and high-risk markets, and the price has exceeded US $118. The market is in the recent upward trend, and it is likely that the future market will continue to rise. The future market may meet us $120. If the international crude oil price falls below US $98 in the future, the international crude oil price may continue to fall and the upward trend will be broken. From the perspective of 807 fuel oil, today's fuel oil opens high and goes low, and the market continues to be in an upward trend. It is expected to continue to grow at an annual average compound growth rate of 6%. The market may continue to rise in the future, and there should be some pressure on the short-term market around the point. The future market may break through 4500 points. The current 807 fuel oil market has weakened in the short term, and the short-term market may continue to weaken, but the long-term trend of the market is still in the upward trend, and the current upward trend is still intact. If the future market falls below 4200 points, the short-term upward trend will be broken and the future market will continue to decline. When the market is above 4200, investors can continue to hold multiple orders

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