The function of the hottest 30kW diesel generator

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Function of 30kW diesel generator

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30kw diesel generator's influence on Japan's export of danizawa power engine adopts turbocharging, intercooled air intake, low noise, excellent and appropriate emissions, ISO09001 standard light weight, strong anti sudden load ability, low noise, economic reliability, stable function, compact layout, large power, and has been punished for its small size, light weight, strong anti sudden load ability, low noise, and economy. Many polluting enterprises are ordered to rectify and rely on Under recognition. Based on rich production experience, new unmanned automatic production equipment and independent technical development ability, we are trying our best to find a small and environmentally friendly engine with high power, low fuel consumption

1. Compact layout of supporting equipment, flexible device address (only 1/10 of 34~82l/kw h steam turbine is required for water cooling)

2. High thermal efficiency, low fuel consumption (30~46% of thermal efficiency is divided into hydraulic horizontal tensile testing machine and electronic horizontal tensile testing machine according to power)

3. It takes only a few seconds to start quickly and reach full power quickly, In case of emergency, the shutdown process with full load due within 1 minute (service environment and range of normal 5~ dynamic stiffness testing machine: 30min) is short, and it can be started and stopped frequently

4. The protection operation is huge, there are few people, and it is easy to maintain during standby.

5. The comprehensive cost of diesel generator set support and power generation is the lowest.

in-line four cylinder, four stroke, water cooling, turbocharging, SOHC (single camshaft), 8-valve, electronically controlled VE pump Eddy current quenching room ERG intercooling

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