The fuel consumption index of the hottest Hangxian

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The oil consumption index of Hangxiang glass has reached the national advanced level.

Dexun kiln is the main equipment for energy consumption of enterprises. How to reduce the energy consumption of kiln has become a problem for many enterprises. Hangxiang glass products Co., Ltd. implemented the original kiln with advanced technologies such as kiln sill, inclined flow hole, full insulation, and he believed that flat wide small furnace guide is more conducive to heat collection. At the same time, it adopts the heat exchanger to recover the waste heat of flue gas. 2 Adding frequency converter to the constant speed electromechanical device will recover the waste heat in the discharged flue gas. According to the calculation, compared with that before the transformation, it can save 600 tons of heavy oil and 857 tons of standard coal per year, generating energy-saving economic benefits of 2.1 million yuan

Hangxiang glass products Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specialized in manufacturing glass bottles for unloading oil collectors in our county. It has the largest scale and the most complete varieties in the glass bottle manufacturing industry in the province, and has a good development prospect. The company has always attached great importance to energy conservation and consumption reduction, focusing on energy management and energy-saving technology as an important work for equipment manufacturers of recycled plastic granulator. Many brains have been used in the application of new energy-saving technologies and energy-saving equipment. New energy-saving achievements have emerged every year, and good energy-saving results have been achieved

this year, the company invested another 4.51 million yuan to implement energy-saving technical transformation for the No. 2 glass bottle production line. The kiln adopts advanced technologies such as kiln sill, inclined flow hole, full insulation, flat wide small furnace guide, etc. at the same time, the computer is used to fully control the furnace temperature, furnace pressure, oil pressure, kiln pressure, air volume, etc. After the transformation was completed and put into operation last month, significant energy-saving effects were achieved. The oil consumption per ton of molten glass in the kiln was reduced from 158kg/t to 120kg/t, and the oil consumption index reached the national advanced level

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