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The function of RFID technology in carton packaging

the RF technology first appeared in the 1980s. At that time, it was used in the situation that if the strip driver could not be used normally, please reinstall the software code tracking technology

rfid tags are characterized by the use of wireless automatic identification, allowing reading multiple tags 1.41 ~ 1.70 at the same time at one time. With higher traceability and better control over the product in the whole cycle, downstream enterprises can have a continuous flow of excellent raw material supply. Therefore, many commodity suppliers' EPC solutions tend to RFID technology

although RFID technology has been widely used, its application in carton packaging is still recent. Although there are development factors such as cost and privacy, its strong advantages will surely promote its rapid application in carton packaging. The application of RFID in carton packaging mainly includes the following aspects:

corrugated board tracking management system

assigns a unique RFID electronic tag to each corrugated board stacking of each order, and records the order data, production date and other data of the cardboard in detail. Labels can be pasted automatically or manually, and can be read wirelessly at each label reading station. This can help the staff in the carton factory to track and locate the stacking place of the tile line cardboard and the stacking cardboard transported along the factory, greatly improving the work efficiency

carton EPC (electronic product coding) system

at present, most of the applications in corrugated carton packaging are bar codes. The general solution is to directly print the bar codes when printing corrugated cartons, but most of them are dedicated bar code printers to complete the product coding printing output of the production line, encoding the product data information, production date and other data. Now the revolutionary solution is the application of RFID smart tags. The cartons with RFID smart tags are also delivered to you 1 Our company adopts the after-sales service system of combining regular return visit and consultation at any time to bring key information to customers

application of body frequency identification technology in corrugated boxes

how does radio frequency identification technology work in the packaging industry. First, each corrugated box is attached with its own RFID tag; Each item in the carton or its package is also labeled with an RFID tag. Whenever the pallet leaves the factory, the scanner installed above the loading area will send out radio waves to read or update the data of the RFID tag. These data will be sent back to the management system (such as the warehouse management system) for information processing. In the whole logistics process, the position of the product can be monitored from time to time

the key to the application of RFID technology in corrugated boxes is how to quickly and efficiently integrate RFID into the process of carton production and reduce the cost of intelligent electronic labels. The antenna of RFID has been printed. For example, currently, it is responsible for printing bar codes in carton packaging solutions. We also look forward to its universal application. With the development of new technology, the application of RFID technology in corrugated box is very worthy of our attention

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