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"Made in Hefei" self repairing tires rank among the forefront of international science and technology

puncturing the tire during driving is one of the most troublesome problems for drivers, and it will also bring great potential safety hazards on the highway. Two years later, Hefei will be able to produce a kind of tire that can be repaired by itself, which can completely solve this problem

at the beginning of this year, Continental signed a supplementary agreement for the phase IV project with Hefei high tech Zone, and plans to invest an additional 220million yuan in its production base in Hefei, the Hefei factory of continental Ma brand tires, including the construction of the production line of German MA brand self repairing tires and silent tires, which represent its leading technology

it is understood that Continental's self repairing tire has an innovative patented technology. The special viscous fluid adhesive layer inside the tire can immediately repair the perforation caused by sharp objects such as nails

"our special rubber layer can immediately repair the perforation caused by nails, even if the nails fall out, it can still maintain the tightness of the tire, prevent the loss of gas, and will not affect the driving performance of the tire", said Paul naglatzki, head of the product industrialization department of continental Ma tire Hefei factory, "Therefore, the owner does not need to stop or replace the tire immediately. Of course, this repair is temporary. We still recommend that the owner go to the tire repair shop as soon as possible to check the specific situation of the perforation to determine whether it needs to be completely repaired."

on the basis of self repairing tires, German horse brand silent tires have added self-developed patented noise reduction technology, which can significantly reduce the noise generated by tires on any road and in any weather. 2. Zigzag experiments can also be carried out by using an experimental device with two supporting rollers and a bending core

"the road noise transmitted through the tires is an important source of noise in the car, which greatly affects the driving comfort. The German horse silent tire integrates two cutting-edge patented technologies of self repair and noise reduction, providing consumers with a higher driving experience", Mr. Paul naglatzki added

the Hefei factory of continental Ma brand tires is equipped with high-tech tire production equipment and environment-friendly facilities, and has a complete production line of car and light truck tires, which can produce inch full-size related businesses. Users must use tires before use, as well as special function tires, such as winter tires and flat tires

what are the characteristics of this new production line? In this regard, Mr. Paul naglatzki explained to us: "the formula and procedure of self repairing tires and silent tires are completely different from traditional tire products, so more advanced technology is needed to connect and control equipment and production flow. Enterprises should expand their own business processes in line with the concept of being responsible to consumers." According to Mr. naglatzki, the new production line will be a highly automated and intelligent production line, and most of the operations will be performed by robots

"Big 4. The placement of test objects should not affect the airflow balance and smoothness of the studio. Although the luma tire Hefei factory has not been established for a long time, it has a high starting point and rapid development. At present, the tire production technology and process level we already have is in the international leading position. At present, there are only a few tire factories in the world that can produce self repair tires and silent tires. Therefore, the construction of this production line will make the continental Ma tire Hefei tire factory and tire products made in Hefei stand out on the world stage. " Wang Xiaoji, general manager of the Hefei factory of continental Ma tire, said

it is reported that the production line project is expected to be completed in 2020. At that time, Chinese consumers can also enjoy the driving enjoyment brought by the world's leading tire technology

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