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AutoLink Technology Industrial IOT builds a global technology and ecological platform

Mr. Tan Lintao, general manager of AutoLink technology, has the advantages of rapid development, high reliability, low delay and other characteristics of technical solutions and international certification services to provide + IOT upgraded version for medical and industrial automation manufacturers

Shenzhen, China, the leader of IOT technology on December 15, 2016 Zilian Electronic Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., a professional manufacturer specializing in providing IOT systems and solutions for enterprises, held a new product conference with the theme of Wuyu Zilian in Shenzhen, and launched the industry's first complete IOT solution integrating wireless controller, IOT development platform, IOT middleware, cloud platform access technology and intelligent app control. The solution includes a full range of wireless controllers aicontrollers of self connect technology and its three IOT technology platforms aidk, aisdk and aidms with independent intellectual property rights. It has the characteristics of rapid development, high reliability and low delay, and can be applied to medical electronics, industrial equipment, precision instruments and meters, music instruments and smart homes. The complete IOT solution launched by Zilian technology this time has passed a number of international certifications, which will help IOT enterprises launch customized IOT solutions to support their related industries to accelerate the realization of intelligence, informatization and digitalization in the global market, and jointly realize borrowing The platform is now Dongfeng The beautiful vision of end cloud express

Mr. Tan Lintao, general manager of AutoLink technology, introduced the company's products to the media

the press conference site

in the complete IOT solution launched this time, aicontrollers IOT controller series products are products that AutoLink technology has been focusing on for a long time, supporting Wi Fi, classic Bluetooth, low-power Bluetooth and other wireless protocols. The aicontrollers series controller provides a complete one-stop solution for cloud access and management, including IOT protocol, various protocol conversion, data analysis and other features and functions. At the same time, it also has high stability, and can realize 7-24-hour transmission without dropping lines and packets in ordinary environments; Even in complex and harsh environments, it also has strong anti-interference, and can adjust the connection independently according to the environment to minimize the drop line and packet loss rate; In addition, the product series has also obtained EAP and MFI certification. Among aicontrollers series products, alx4xx series focuses on the excellent convenience of Bluetooth SDK; Alx8xx series is adopted by most mainstream high-end device manufacturers with its performance advantages such as low power consumption, optimization of communication underlying protocols, and innovative cloud communication methods

for the mobile needs of IOT devices, such as the frequent movement of medical devices in hospitals, alx8xx series Wi Fi modules can also support fast roaming in different frequency bands. As a leader in the 2.4G band, alx830 Wi Fi module has a roaming connection time of less than 1 second, which has been highly praised by users. The alx85 Wi Fi module developed on the basis of alx830 realizes 2.4g/5g dual band, which roams in the Wi Fi 2.4G band for less than 1 second, roams in the Wi Fi 5g band for less than 2 seconds, and the Wi Fi reconnect time is less than 3 seconds. In addition, self connect technology is about to technically switch roaming between Wi Fi 2.4G and 5g networks

in terms of IOT application support, the three technology platforms aidk, aisdk and aidms with independent intellectual property rights have become the biggest features and core advantages of its complete IOT solution. Aidk (alinket IOT dev kits) IOT product development platform provides customers with rich IOT terminal solutions. It has a convenient and friendly development environment and interface, rich API interfaces, diverse sensor interfaces, complete communication protocol stack and high security components, which can help enterprises realize the interconnection and upgrading of products faster, and reduce the system cost, power consumption and volume. Aisdk (alinket IOT SDK) IOT secondary development platform, on the basis of aidk, adds a function library/api interface that is easier to call and a software suite with more complete functions, which can support customer products to adapt to richer and multifunctional application scenarios. Aidms (alinket IOT device middleware sy and stem that are directly related to the competitiveness of traditional plastic processing technology) device middleware system, which can be flexibly deployed and has rich functions; Cooperating with the self connected terminal controller, it can help users quickly build IOT end cloud system, and has diversified functions such as protocol conversion, device registration, device management, alarm, OTA upgrade, etc

cooperate with leading partners in the world to support China's IOT application system to go global

the IOT solution of self connected technology has been supported by many leading partners in the world, providing strong technical support for China's medical equipment and industrial manufacturing industries to go global. Among them, cypress provides a series of high-quality Wi Fi/BT/ble chips and complete wiced wireless connection solutions, supports a variety of wireless protocol standards and hardware product combinations, and helps self connect technology develop high-performance and reliable wireless connection products; Microsoft (Microsoft) has launched in-depth cooperation with Autoconnect technology in the end cloud docking of IOT. Based on Microsoft technology, Microsoft azure cloud service operated by 21vianet focuses on the most advanced IOT PAAS service and big data analysis in the cloud, while aidms of self connected technology focuses on IOT data aggregation, message encapsulation, protocol conversion, etc. The cooperation of the two complements each other. Customers can easily realize end cloud interoperability and focus on the development of business systems. At present, there are three cooperation cases between Microsoft and AutoLink technology, including industrial UPS, intelligent manufacturing and industrial customs. In the future, the two sides will continue to cooperate to expand the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and business intelligence analysis (BI) in the field of IOT

in view of the demand that IOT application system enterprises must cope with the increasingly high access threshold in the domestic and foreign markets, in addition to providing comprehensive support for customers in terms of technical solutions, self connect technology solutions also continuously pass and obtain important certifications required by the global market for mainstream application needs, so as to provide support for customers' global sales and operation business models. Zilian technology first developed and launched a Wi Fi wireless controller that supports 802.1x EAP enterprise certification technology, and is widely used in medical device products in hospitals. So far, Zilian technology is the only IOT solution provider supporting this technology in China, and also the only manufacturer in the world that directly implements this technology on a real-time operating system (such as FreeRTOS) and MCU embedded processor (such as arm cortex-m3/m4) platform

use technological innovation to help customers realize the differentiation of their IOT ecosystem

at present, all industries no longer want to simply load IOT technology, but need to realize + IOT that conforms to their own industrial characteristics, so as to build or optimize their own ecosystem. The complete IOT solution of self connect technology is a differentiated and innovative solution that meets the needs of the medical and industrial automation fields. It can help medical equipment enterprises realize product optimization and differentiation, help traditional industrial enterprises build IOT systems to optimize their operation capabilities, and improve their production and manufacturing capabilities. In the past two years, Zilian technology has established cooperation with a number of domestic and foreign equipment, operation and service enterprises, among which the sales of wireless controllers used for medical health and conducive to improving the company's R & D strength of new materials in aviation, aerospace, nuclear power and other fields in the remote industry have increased significantly

on site demonstration of self connected technology products

in the application of medical devices, self connected technology has formed a good cooperative relationship with many industry partners by providing solutions that meet the needs of many enterprises. For example, Smiths medical has developed popular new products with the help of the self connected technology IOT program. Among them, the wireless injection pump system adopts wireless data transmission technology, which has the functions of infusion speed monitoring, total infusion volume display, infusion completion alarm and so on, and can monitor multiple patients at the same time. The injection pump based on wireless scheme has the characteristics of convenient carrying, light weight, high precision, real-time monitoring and remote control. At the same time, the handheld mobile terminal, together with the PC monitoring system supported by the database, can display and save the infusion information of patients, which significantly improves the work efficiency of medical staff, reduces the accompanying cost, and optimizes the hospital process

in the application of industrial automation, Zilian technology has also developed a number of schemes with partners that can realize product differentiation or optimize operation, management and manufacturing processes for industrial enterprises. For example, power supply manufacturer Burke adopts the remote wireless monitoring and early warning management scheme of self connected technology UPS uninterruptible power supply. Wireless controller and middleware system (aidms) based on self connected technology, azure IOT development kit and rich applications (webapp and mobileapps), this scheme helps customers realize the wireless of front-end equipment, reduce the cumbersome wiring pattern, and make it no longer burdened by the layout of new equipment; At the same time, the operation and maintenance of equipment can be known in advance and in real time, and big data analysis can be monitored anytime, anywhere. In the future, self connect technology will also launch technologies and solutions such as Wi Fi mesh, ble mesh and long-distance industrial customs. Wi Fi mesh realizes free group based on the advantages of Wi Fi technology, which can greatly improve network flexibility and transmission distance, and is suitable for more industrial application scenarios

the combination of IOT and traditional industries has entered stage 2.0. The characteristic of this stage is to thoroughly integrate IOT technology into various IOT applications on the basis of better and more reliable interconnection, and promote the application industry to realize the upgrading of business model, so as to further enhance the economic added value of traditional industries, effectively promote the transformation of development mode from production driven to innovation driven, and promote the adjustment of industrial structure. Tan Lintao, general manager of Zilian technology, said. Zilian technology hopes to closely support the product development and market planning of domestic and foreign partners, including OEM manufacturers and operators, by providing complete IOT solutions. In the future, with the continuous improvement of the performance of our IOT controller and development platform, it is reasonable to believe that the driving ability and innovation ability brought by our solutions will become the best choice for many enterprises to optimize their ecosystems. Borrow The platform is now Dongfeng End cloud connect is the promise of self connect technology, and also hopes to become a technology and ecological platform for enterprises to realize + IOT industrial upgrading

about self connect technology

as the leader of IOT technology, self connect technology has many IOT related patents. In just three years, based on the technology of automatically connecting everything (Auto Link everything), it launched the industry's first integrated IOT solution integrating IOT controller, IOT middleware, cloud platform access technology and intelligent app control. At the same time, it supports stable enterprise level certification (EAP), MFI certification, data encryption, etc. The three IOT technology development platforms aidk, aisdk and aidms with independent property rights of the company can accelerate the intellectualization, informatization and digital upgrading of partner products. Among them, Yinguang group and Southwest University of science and technology are committed to the research in the field of energetic materials. Aidk IOT product development platform provides customers with rich IOT terminal solutions to help enterprise products realize interconnection, upgrading and transformation faster; Aisdk IOT secondary development platform helps customers' products adapt to various application scenarios; Aidms device middleware system helps customers quickly

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