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The self elevating gantry elevator should be equipped with automatic safety protection doors

in today's construction site, the self elevating gantry crane can be used everywhere. It is an ideal machine for vertically lifting materials in the decoration construction of buildings below 24 floors. Compared with tower cranes and construction elevators, it is obviously cheap, simple in structure, fast in erection, safe in lifting and convenient in maintenance. Compared with the old gantry elevator, the new gantry elevator now has the following characteristics:

1 It has a jack up platform device, which can be jointed at any time with the rise of the building. The steel pipe is attached to the wall, so there is no need to hold the wind rope, which improves the construction site conditions. At the same time, the two columns are always connected together through the jack up platform, which can effectively prevent the column from swinging, and make the jointing, dismantling and construction operation safe and reliable

2. There are three sets of rope breaking protection devices. The first set is an eccentric mechanism, which can lock and buffer when it suddenly falls

the second and third sets are the clamp plate fall prevention mechanism to ensure that the falling distance is less than 0.7m to avoid rope breaking and falling accidents

3. The manual lifting mechanism is used to add sections and remove frames, which saves labor and time. It only needs two people to ensure the stability of process conditions to complete the work of adding sections and removing frames

although the new gantry elevator has many advantages, many accidents have occurred. For example, when the basket that can be discharged when the material temperature reaches 100 ℃ in the self elevating gantry elevator rises, someone accidentally intrudes under the basket, or is injured by the falling objects on the basket, or the basket loses control and breaks the rope, and the winch operator carelessly drops the basket, injuring the personnel under the basket. Therefore, it is very important to erect safety doors. After the safety protection door is set, when the hanging pan rises, the protective door automatically falls down, blocking workers from entering the hanging basket. When the hanging basket falls, the safety door is raised through the pulley rotation system, and the construction workers can enter the hanging pan to work. In this way, the accidents of falling objects or injuries caused by falling baskets are effectively avoided. It is a good measure to set automatic safety doors for gantry lifts. I hope it can be popularized

schematic diagram of safety protection door of gantry material hoist is as follows:

protective mining should be carried out

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