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The self-adhesive label market has great development potential

at present, the self-adhesive label in China is growing at a rate of 20% per year, which is far higher than the growth rate of 7% - 9% of the national economy, and far higher than the growth rate of 6% - 7% in North America. China's per capita annual consumption of self-adhesive is only 0.5-0.6m2. Compared with the annual consumption of more than ten square meters per capita in Europe and the United States, China's self-adhesive market still has great growth space and development potential. Such as fiber orientation, axial and tangential feed speeds, cutting speeds, etc.

the proportion of self-adhesive labels used in various industries is increasing

1 Food and beverage industry: self adhesive labels have been widely accepted and used on foreign high-end products. For example, in the food industry, Avon food, Cadbury, etc., and in the beer industry, Budweiser, Carlsberg, etc., all use self-adhesive labels. With the further introduction of packaging concept, more domestic food and beverage enterprises will also consider adopting self-adhesive labels, which has great growth potential

2. Daily chemical industry: let's first look at the development of labels in the daily chemical industry from the evolution of soap. In the 1980s, a traditional family mainly used two kinds of soap in China's plastic machinery market, a piece of soap and an alkali soap. The soap was used for washing hair, bathing, washing face, washing hands, etc., and the alkali soap was used for washing clothes, bathtub, bathroom, etc. Nowadays, with the development of the times, shampoo soap has derived from all kinds of shampoo, bathing has derived from all kinds of shower gel, face washing has derived from facial cleanser, hand washing has derived from hand sanitizer, clothes washing has derived from laundry detergent, softener, etc., kitchen and bathroom cleaning has derived from toilet detergent, bathtub detergent, etc. All kinds of evolution, there will be more and more abundant product tablets and packaging forms, and the use of labels will naturally increase significantly

there are more than 4000 household chemical enterprises in China. The packaging and appearance of products will directly affect their sales. The flexibility of self-adhesive labels is suitable for exquisite printing, and the effect of attracting eyeballs is far better than traditional silk printing. It can be seen that the rapid development of the daily chemical industry itself and the development of its packaging form in line with the trend are the reasons for the rapid development of self-adhesive labels in the industry

3. Pharmaceutical industry: the growth of life expectancy and the development of medical technology have made the pharmaceutical industry a sunrise industry that will continue to flourish. After SARS, people's awareness of health care has further increased, which has further improved the development of the pharmaceutical industry. The state's standardized rectification measures for the pharmaceutical industry, such as the implementation of GMP certification, promote the pharmaceutical industry to be more standardized in packaging. The previous wet adhesive labels will be replaced by self-adhesive labels due to various shortcomings. And with the growth of medical bottle packaging forms and the widespread use of automatic labeling forms, self-adhesive labels will have an absolute advantage in the industry. Self adhesive labels account for 89% of the absolute advantage in the pharmaceutical industry in North America. So will the trend in China

4. Supermarket logistics: with the rapid development of China's retail industry, foreign retail giants have entered China. Domestic supermarkets have sprung up, and the demand for thermal paper in major supermarkets will only increase. In addition, in the future, enterprises will pay more attention to logistics control to save costs and improve efficiency, and use bar code labels to control production management, inventory management, quality tracking, etc. Therefore, variable information printing labels used in this industry, such as thermal paper and thermal transfer labels, will be more widely used

5. Electronic industry: with the improvement of the national economy and the improvement of people's living standards, China's electronic industry develops at a rapid speed every year. The popularity of household appliances, the emergence and development of computers and various innovative electronic products have brought a broader market and more application fields to electronic labels, Electronic labels also bring great imagination to the development of new products in the self-adhesive industry with their high requirements and diversity of application fields

6. Tire and lubricant industry: the rapid development of the automotive industry in recent years has also driven its related industries. The development of the tire market and lubricant market has also brought opportunities for the application of self-adhesive labels in these industries

labels have penetrated into various industries and fields, and self-adhesive labels will be well developed in various fields with their unique advantages and innovative applications

situation of self-adhesive label industry

at present, there are more than 20 brands of major production enterprises in the self-adhesive market, which can be roughly divided into foreign-funded enterprises, state-owned enterprises, township individual enterprises, and in addition, there are scrambled papers imported from abroad through gray channels. From the perspective of pattern and development, the foreign-funded enterprises represented by Eli will expand their market share more rapidly with their advanced production technology, stable quality, excellent service and sufficient funds. State owned enterprises are sandwiched between medium and high-grade foreign-funded enterprises and low-grade Township individual enterprises, which are greatly affected by the market. Although the quality is unstable, due to the good foundation and advanced equipment, after the continuous reform of the system and the market positioning of Tongxin, they will have a certain development and occupy a certain market share. At present, township individual enterprises occupy a large market share due to historical reasons, but most of them only pursue short-term interests, do not have good equipment, stable quality, and lack innovative technology and sufficient funds. Today, with the internationalization of self-adhesive competition, although some enterprises will improve their grades and continue to reform to join the ranks of market competition, However, some other enterprises will be phased out by the market due to various reasons

in addition, expired and scrapped products imported from Europe, America, Japan and other countries through the gray channel will temporarily impact the market due to extremely low prices and obtain a certain share, but from the perspective of long-term stable development, they will be eliminated by printing plants and end users. The future self-adhesive label market will be all-round competition

the future self-adhesive market competition can be said to be all-round competition, that is, product competition, service competition, brand competition, and even speed competition

1. Product competition: it is reflected in the stability of product quality, the completeness of product series, and the enrichment of product application fields. Due to the complex multi-layer structure of self-adhesive, the basic "sandwich" structural surface material, adhesive and backing paper, as well as the surface material and adhesive primer, and the silicone coating between adhesive and backing paper, the quality or coating problems in any one of these links will ultimately affect the quality of self-adhesive labels. Therefore, stable raw material quality, advanced coating technology and excellent production control managers will play a decisive role. In addition, advanced development technology and R & D capabilities will affect the series, application fields and functions of products

2. Service competition: the establishment of pre-sales service can effectively transform customer order information into production. The improvement of the distribution network, especially the distribution system in economically developed areas and highly competitive areas, directly affects which supplier the printing factory orders to invest in. The continuous introduction of value-added service projects, such as increasing roll length, reducing joints, customization of customer needs, etc., are all continuous extensions of services. For products of the same quality, service will easily become a decisive factor. Improving the service level requires cost and rich management experience, which will continue to be reflected in the future competition

3. Brand competition: now is an era that pays attention to brand. The differences in product quality, price and service among suppliers are gradually shrinking, and the brand effect will play a guiding role. The quality of employees in the self-adhesive label industry continues to improve, appearing in a professional image. They should not only deal with customers' business arrangements, but also have the ability to solve customers' printing problems. At the same time, they should have more professional product knowledge to help customers deal with problems in product design and whether the power supply should be checked for normal production process. Only professional companies can cultivate professional talents. A good brand will bring customers more commitments in this regard. Strong market penetration has not only established influence among customers in the printing industry, but also penetrated into users who eventually use labels in various industries, such as P & G, Kodak and other companies. In the main part: remove the cover of the working cylinder, establish a brand among the direct customers and end users, and assist the direct customers to better serve the end users and solve various needs and problems

4. The competition of speed and efficiency: the collection and feedback of market information, on-demand production and supply capacity, production efficiency, research and development speed of new products, etc., all of which reflect the competition of speed and efficiency, as well as the comprehensive strength of the enterprise itself. Customers are more willing to see that self-adhesive label suppliers can meet their fleeting business opportunities faster. In the future competition, the speed and efficiency of market, sales, production, distribution, research and development and other links will bring huge competitive advantages to self-adhesive label suppliers

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