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Self heating packaging bags will appear in Europe

according to relevant reports in the packaging industry, a self heating packaging bag will appear in the European market, when consumers can drink steaming soup in their busy schedule

this new packaging is jointly developed by Belgian packaging supplier epoca and Korean technology developer KSP technology company. It represents a major change in the food and beverage industry. Epoca has always wanted to expand Asia's self heating technology to the European market to meet the needs of the Western European market. According to Pira, a British packaging consulting company, this self heating packaging bag will be put into the European market by the end of 2005

the self heating packaging bag designed by Ks technology company has been listed in the Asia Pacific region including Malaysia and South Korea for the packaging of herbal medicine, but epoca believes that it also has great potential in the soup, coffee and tea markets

at present, the heating temperature of this package is only 35 ° C, which cannot meet the demand of beverage heating. 2. Capacity selection: 200~2000kg. KSP has cooperated with epoca to raise the temperature to 60 ° C-70 ° C. The final grass sample is expected to be completed within 6 months

this kind of packaging bag contains a special ingredient. When you press the button outside the packaging bag, a chemical reaction will occur inside to heat the product. This kind of packaging bag is made of polyester, polyethylene and aluminum to ensure safety according to the demand. For ease of reference, there is also a straw on the outside of the package

this packaging bag is the latest product of self heating innovative packaging series that can affect the packaging industry. Recently, relevant laboratories e such as lakesid universities and scientific research institutes, a food processor, have used the self heating packaging container developed by American ontech company for the packaging of coffee, tea, cocoa powder and soup, so as to expand the impact of this technology in the fast food industry

this product is easy to carry and can be used together with the cup holder. It can keep the product warm for more than 30 minutes without preheating, mixing and cleaning. The self heating container can heat the product to 145 degrees Fahrenheit in one minute as long as you press it gently

the fast food industry is still the most influential sector in the food industry today, with an annual consumption of 480000 metric tons in the European market alone. At present, ontech and ont ECH hope that this technology can attract the attention and cooperation of relevant manufacturers to promote the development of the fast food industry

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