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Self repair and cost reduction of 60000 yuan

"it's annoying. In the morning, it was found that the welder and several cylinders at the inlet leaked again." Li Yongyi, the leader of the acid rolling spot inspection team in the mechanical maintenance area of Hualing Lianyungang cold rolled sheet plant, walked into the team lounge, took off his safety helmet and threw it on the table. He picked up the cup, gulped a few mouthfuls and sat heavily on the chair

Liu Minzhan, the Deputy monitor who was looking up the data, turned around and said, "there are hundreds of cylinders, which will inevitably cause problems, but I'm afraid the outsourcing repair will delay the time." "Brother Zhan, I checked a few days ago. It costs about 2000 yuan to repair a set of cylinders by outsourcing. The products that have been trial produced include interior trim panels, ceilings, luggage compartments, coat racks, seat backboards, instrument panels, thermal insulation/sound and damping materials. I think we should simply repair them by ourselves. There are two clamping claws on the movable clamping claw seat, which can reduce costs, and ensure timely access. Finally, the electrolyte field line. Just now I was on site to give the operating area and The leaders of the equipment room made a report, and they also supported us. " Li Yongyi said

Liu Minzhan pushed his glasses: "I've thought about this for a long time. In fact, it's not complicated to repair the cylinder. The main reason is that there are all kinds of gaskets, support rings, guide sleeves and more than a dozen kinds of sealing materials inside, and there are hundreds of different models of cylinders. I'm afraid these materials are difficult to handle. But with the support of leaders, we can really try."

more than ten members of the acid rolling spot inspection team said they would do it. With the help of technicians, they disassembled dozens of cylinders to be repaired in their respective areas, and measured the dimensions of more than ten kinds of sealing materials one by one. Li Yongyi and Liu Minzhan used their spare time to go to Loudi to purchase materials. Since no supplier in Loudi could provide all the materials, the two squad leaders provided data or physical objects and went to different businesses to purchase. It took a total of six or seven trips to purchase all the materials

after more than a month of efforts, more than 30 sets of cylinders ready for outsourcing were repaired in early November, saving the company 60000 yuan in outsourcing costs at one stroke. Looking at the repaired cylinders, Li Yongyi said happily to Liu Minzhan, "brother Zhan, we just bought more than 2000 yuan of materials to repair so many cylinders, which is quite worthwhile."

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