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Otherwise, the fixture or sensor will be damaged, which helps Xinjiang Tianye Group see the financial crisis as a great opportunity

at the head of the financial crisis, it is understood that guoqingren, the head of Xinjiang Tianye Group, can't see a trace of sadness on his face. From the beginning, he believed that the financial crisis was a huge opportunity for Xinjiang Tianye Group

although the price of PVC, the company's main product, fell from more than 8000 yuan/ton to more than 6000 yuan/ton due to the impact of the financial crisis, and it once hit the bottom line of 5000 yuan/ton, because the company has the advantage of raw materials, they still make money when many enterprises fall into losses. In 2009, the enterprise continued to develop rapidly

"due to our own coal mines, salt mines and limestone, the comprehensive cost of producing 1 ton of PVC is about 3000 yuan lower than that of most domestic enterprises. Based on the current price of 6000 yuan per ton of PVC, our raw material cost is only 3000 yuan, which has obvious advantages." Guoqingren said confidently

the chlor alkali project in Tianye Chemical Industry Park uses more than 300000 tons of salt every year. Because of the large amount of salt, buying salt from other places cannot meet the production needs. But for a long time, raw salt is a product specially controlled by the state. Although there are salt mines nearby, Tianye Group has always been a "layman" in salt mines. The outward transportation of raw salt has increased the cost of Tianye, which is expected to continue to generate a 100 billion market space group in the future, which once restricted the increase of the company's PVC output. In 2007, Tianye Group applied for the salt mining right of 10 square kilometers of Shanshan potassium salt mine in Xinjiang, with an annual mining volume of 300000 tons, but it still could not meet the needs of the enterprise to increase the output of PVC

after the outbreak of the financial crisis, the price of PVC in domestic and foreign markets fell sharply, but the production cost increased significantly. After point B, Tianye Group has further realized the importance of mastering the source of raw materials for enterprises. At that time, the PVC output of Tianye reached 700000 tons/year, and the contradiction of raw material supply became more and more prominent. Therefore, in the autumn of 2008, Tianye applied for the salt mining right of 10 square kilometers on the basis of the original salt mining right of 10 square kilometers, and the annual mining volume more than doubled from the previous 300000 tons to 700000 tons. In this way, Tianye Group became the "salt mine owner", and the supply of raw salt is no longer a constraint

having tasted the sweetness, Tianye has strengthened its confidence to make full use of local resources and give full play to the advantages of raw materials to win the market. They decided to rely on the rich limestone resources in Xinjiang and their own coal mines to establish their own raw material production base to comprehensively reduce costs and increase efficiency

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