The hottest self cooling tank Market in China has

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China's self cooling tank market has great potential

self cooling tank is a new concept for China, but China is one of the countries that need self cooling tank technology and products most. This is because, on the one hand, for can enterprises that can use self cooling can technology, China has 18 aluminum two-piece can factories and 22 automatic production lines. The can making capacity of can is about 10billion a year, but the current market demand is only about 6.5 billion, and a large part of the capacity has to be replaced with new belts, so the market competition is quite fierce, Who is the first to have the technological update and product innovation in all aspects of cans, who can occupy a certain opportunity in the cans Market and occupy a strong dominant position in the current fierce market competition; On the other hand, for the consumers of cans, although China's per capita consumption of cans is only 4.6 cans, which cannot be compared with the developed United States' per capita consumption of 380 cans, China is a developing country, and the popularity of refrigerators: please briefly review 1 in recent years 3? 15. The main situation of quality inspection activities is not too high, the use area is not wide enough, Nike believes, and the population mobility is very large, the concept of getting cold drinks anytime and anywhere is also suitable for China. In addition, self cooling cans can reduce the investment cost of automatic cold drink vending machines, hotels and other service facilities. Moreover, with the improvement of people's living standards and the acceleration of the pace of life, it is possible to promote the application of self cooling cans in China. Therefore, it is not difficult to see that China's demand for self cooling cans is positive and the market potential is huge

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