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Self extrusion forming screws effectively optimize automobile manufacturing costs

in international competition, the automobile manufacturing industry will always stand between two irreconcilable extremes: reducing costs and improving quality. With the increasing pressure of automobile fuel consumption, the tapitite2000 series self extrusion forming screws of German Arnold molding technology company effectively solve this problem

self extruding screw is a direct screw connection technology, that is, when the screw is screwed into the guide hole during assembly, the thread is self extruding, which can reduce the cost of generating threaded connection by up to 85%. Arnold-tapitite-2000 screw newly launched by Germany Arnold forming technology company is the optimization of thread self forming screw: (1) the triangle shape of the screw is obvious at the end of the screw rod, while there is only a slight triangle at the upper end of the screw rod. This design is convenient for screw placement and initial screw in, and the thread surface is completely overlapped, so it has higher anti loosening ability. (2) The design improvement of the screw bottom results in a slightly increased thread tail with two equally distributed pitches. This new shape makes it possible to place the screws manually, and the screws can be automatically centered and screwed into the depth of the core hole, eliminating blocking and assembly failures

Tapitite2000 series self extrusion screws can be used to connect steel die castings, aluminum, brass and copper parts. They are compatible with standard and metric threads. They have the advantages of no thread cutting, no chips, easy screw in and start-up, low tightening torque, high anti loosening torque, high vibration resistance, no thread anti loosening device, high friction torque, high recovery torque, etc

if it is an ordinary metric screw, the processing center, including the cleaning equipment for cleaning the screw connection point, does not need to comprehensively transform the 45m2 laboratory wiring, plumbing, ventilation, heating and lighting according to the inspection requirements. In addition, the pumps and corresponding technologies required to deal with the debris generated by the drilling during the installation of metric screws, as well as the measuring instruments and equipment required to ensure the size of the drilling. The connector matched with tapitite2000 series self extrusion screws adopts pre cast screw holes. Because the drilling and tapping steps and corresponding tools are omitted, the processing cost of each connecting part can be reduced by 0.25 euros without affecting the quality. Therefore, especially for new production lines, the use of self extrusion screws can create a huge space for cost optimization in the investment of machining centers. In addition, understand the experimental space required for the experiment The beam displacement and vertical experimental space required by the experiment If it is an elastomer experiment, the beam displacement and vertical experimental space will be required to be 1 point higher The specific situation needs to be determined according to the experimental requirements. The improvement of efficiency in all links of the production process is also positive for the overall production cost

at present, Arnold's self extrusion connectors have been successfully applied in Mahler company, which is committed to the R & D and production of engine components. Mr. Otto Maier, the production director of MAHLE auto parts company, believes that "Compared with the traditional connection process, the self extrusion connection has significantly reduced the investment cost of the previous and subsequent processes. It can reduce the management costs of the previous process, including research and development, logistics, ordering and storage. At the same time, it can achieve the same effect in all links of the quality field. Although the price of the self extrusion screw itself is 33% higher, it has achieved a reduction in the total production cost of up to 80%. Mr. Maier Qiang In general, the proportion of metal direct connection in the engine is about 40%, and it is on the rise. It has become more and more important to integrate the experts in charge of the project of Arnold into the research and development of new automotive products as soon as possible. Because only in the stage of new product design and research and development, can we realize the optimization of production cost as much as possible. " (end)

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